April 14, 2015

Family Bible Time Video Series

I have loved being on the Creative Team for my friend Lisa Rippy's ministry, Interior Inspirations! I shared more in another post about Interior Inspirations, but basically our focus is to blend the practical aspect of homemaking along with the spiritual. This is NOT just for stay-at-home moms or women! You have a home regardless of if you work full time, part time, or not at all. Our goal is to share the many aspects of what it means to be a homemaker.

Lisa was getting a lot of emails and comments from people wanting to learn more about having a family Bible time with their kids. I am DEFINITELY not qualified above anyone else, but this is something we do with our family and it's been a great experience in gathering and sharing my thoughts about it. 

I wanted to share the first two videos in the series. You can subscribe to the Interior Inspirations channel to see more videos, and I have the videos posted to my personal channel as well (the makeup video is on that channel that I posted recently). I LOVE watching YouTube! I'm not sure it'll become a "thing" for me, but I've been enjoying kind of learning the ins and outs of it for fun. 


April 13, 2015

Living Room Update!

I wanted to share some updates in our living room!

Kurt's wonderful mom made me my drapes and shades. I absolutely LOVE them! I wanted an English Country feel (laid back and comfortable but still traditional and elegant).

I think I shared about the sofa table already, but I got it on Overstock! It was a great deal and fits perfectly. I might paint it an accent color at some point just for some interest.

Here are the shades Kurt's mom made! They're Roman shades with a relaxed shape and pleats on the bottom.

I found the striped pom pom pillows at HomeGoods. I thought they would be in each rocking chair, but they've ended up on the sofa! I love the look of a lot of different pillows so it'll be fun to mix the floral ones in too. :)

There are LOTS of shades of cream/taupe/light gray going on, and I've been enjoying breaking that up with the blue and white pieces. Kurt's mom is also making me some throw pillows for the sofa in a floral fabric. It's busier than I usually do, but I really want to be more brave. I love the look of mixing lots of patterns and fabrics, and I'm trying to accomplish that in here, too!

This is right when you walk inside. I really love that it feels airy and light. But I feel like the drapes help ground things and give it a cozy feel, too!

Still loving my angel wings! If I didn't mention before, I found them on One King's Lane. I NEVER shop from that site usually (flash sale sites can make me feel anxious - ha!), but the Nester shared about the angel wings and I just knew they'd be perfect for me!

We are loving life out in the country and we're so thankful for our home!

April 10, 2015

My Anxiety Story: Follow-Up

I wanted to give one more follow-up post about my anxiety story that I posted recently. I've gotten lots of comments, emails and messages about it, which I'm really glad about, but the absolute best thing that's come from it is the dialogue it's opened between myself and God (true, authentic dialogue) and also other friends in my life. I've been able to have really open conversations that might not have happened without me really opening up and being honest, but these conversations have also led me to go back and reword some things in my original post.

My intent of sharing certain stories was only to show how skewed and wrong my "lens" was. I was believing what Satan wanted me to believe and hearing what he wanted me to hear. I created realities in my mind that weren't reality AT ALL. I never want to give the impression that people were mean to me or excluded me. What I wanted to get across in my post was simply how I (falsely) PERCEIVED things and how little life moments (that by themselves aren't a big deal) can combine with our emotional history to create a crazy mentality in our minds. Satan loves creating the illusion of isolation, and for a long time that's where I was (even though it was not true!). I always try to be careful with my words (because I believe that words have weight, and just because I have a personal blog doesn't mean I have the right to say whatever I want, however I want), so to honor everyone involved, I just went back and made sure I was clear with my intent.

This story was about how Satan put me in a prison of the mind. I felt like I was being obedient to the Lord to share my story, but I always want to be very clear and careful in how I communicate. I've been surrounded by very loving, gracious people, and they have been so supportive as I've found healing from my anxiety. It's been more than I ever prayed for, which is totally how God works.

I've learned that our minds take emotional snapshots, and those snapshots combine to make our emotional album, so to speak. The thing is, often the camera doesn't capture with 100% accuracy. We have to go back and examine what was really happening, and focus on what we know to be true. This process of sharing my story has grown me in ways that I can't even explain. It's been wonderful to hear from others that are finding freedom from things like anxiety, but it's also been an incredible journey of healing with special people in my life, where my anxiety had affected those relationships.

God truly rejoices when we begin to walk in abundant life, and I give Him total praise and thanks for continuing the "good work" that He has begun in me.

April 9, 2015

My Everyday Makeup Routine!

I've had lots of people ask me about my makeup, what products I use, and what my process is, and I finally filmed! I got some camera equipment for videos I'll be doing for Interior Inspirations, and I wanted to experiment in learning iMovie anyway. So here is my everyday makeup routine! :)

Featured Products:

Smashbox Primer 
Makeup Forever High Definition Foundation (Shade 117)
Makeup Forever blush brush 
Urban Decay Primer Potion 
Anastasia Brow Whiz pencil in Caramel 
NARS "God Created Woman" palette
Original NAKED palette:
Loreal Infallible Never Fail eyeliner in Black/Brown
Benefit "They're Real" mascara 
Makeup Forever Full Cover concealer
Smashbox Contour Palette 
Hourglass "Ambient" blush palette 
NARS lipgloss in Dolce Vita

April 8, 2015

Disney 2015: Day Six!

After being at Disney for a few days, we were ready to get to the Magic Kingdom!

I dressed as Ariel!

Per usual, we arrived WELL before opening and headed right into Fantasyland when the park opened! There's nothing like walking down Main Street to the sound of "Zip a dee doo dah!"

We used our FastPass to meet Ariel in her Grotto! Lynley was just beside herself!

We helped defeat Zurg in Tomorrowland. . .

We used a FastPass for Tomorrowland Speedway - Evy is a little speed demon! ;)

After Lynley went back to the hotel with Kurt's parents, we enjoyed some time with our big kiddos. They loved the Swiss Family Treehouse!

I had never taken the time to look at the view from the top of the Treehouse before. It was so calm and really pretty! It didn't feel like we were in the middle of a huge theme park at all!

Some of the biggest news of the trip: Evy and Liam both rode their first roller coaster! They dominated the Barnstormer! :)

To celebrate this major accomplishment, we decided to try Churros for the first time!

Then, because Disney does crazy things to people, we decided to let Evy and Liam try the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train! We had a FastPass and thought - why not?! They did great!!

After all of that excitement, we went for a more low-key experience like Carousel of Progress. Evy LOVES Carousel of Progress, which is so cute because we talk about all of the Audio Animatronics together. #disneynerds

We met up with the rest of the family for dinner! Kurt's parents and Kurt's twin brother and his family joined us for dinner at the Crystal Palace.

Lynley and Abby, best buddies!

The Crystal Palace features Winnie the Pooh and friends, so it was a big hit! We had eaten there all together on our last Lancaster Family trip (2011), so it was nice to be back! Oh and you'll notice in some of the pictures that Evy is wearing a different shirt. We had a little drink spill incident so she ended up with an unexpected souvenir! ;)

After dinner, our family decided to head back to the hotel for baths and an early bedtime. That's the great thing about doing Magic Kingdom over the course of several days - there's just not pressure to see every single parade/show/attraction at a hurried pace. We knew we'd be able to see the Electrical Parade, Celebrate the Magic (castle projection show) and Wishes fireworks another night!

It was a wonderful first day in the Magic Kingdom, which is hands-down our favorite park (like a lot of people!). We made the right decision in waiting a few days for the MLK holiday crowd to thin out a little. We still experienced higher crowds than usual (as I shared before, we had to go during the holiday weekend due to family schedules), but because we followed a crowd calendar, we weren't affected as much as we could've been. It was a great day!

Next up: more Magic Kingdom!
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