October 31, 2007

The Adventure Begins

Wow. So I started work today. And it was eye-opening, to say the least. Among several happenings, a lady walked in and saw a Christmas table display (set up like a dinner table, complete with dinnerware, napkins, etc.) and said that she'd like to take it out on approval. And when I say "it," I mean the WHOLE table, plates, napkins, and all. Her total came to around $5,520. To pass time, my fellow workers and I looked at people's purchase histories to see their totals. We're talking $90,000, $115,000----just in one visit.

But my favorite scenario happened about 5:30, just before the store was closing. I got a phone call and promptly answered it. "Hello," said Mrs. B from Lousiana, "I was in your store recently, but I can't make it back anytime soon. I saw some things that I just have to have for my Christmas dining table. My colors are copper, gold, and green. I want those colors mixed, not separate, does that make sense? I just saw the most gorgeous Christmas trees that last time I was there..." As I was doing the Devil-Wears-Prada, writing notes 90 mph, I pieced together what she was saying. "So, given your color scheme, you're wanting me to design your Christmas dining room table and ship everything to you?" I asked tentatively.

"YES! That's exactly what I'm saying!" she exclaimed happily. "However, I will be leaving for New York soon and won't be back til after Thanksgiving, and my Christmas Decorator [yes, she was serious] is decorating my house on November 11. So I need these things shipped fairly soon."

I knew the answer was obvious, but I asked anyway: "So do you have a specific budget in mind or are you flexible?" (I thought that was a tactful way to put it.)

"Oh, I'm very flexible," she chirpped. "I'll email you pictures of my dining table and we'll talk on Friday."

"That sounds great, Mrs. D. I'll have your table ready."

Welcome to the world of Annelle Primos and Associates. Day one.


Kristal F. said...

Wow, how cool is that?! What a fabulous job. I'd have a hayday there!

Ro said...

HeeHeeHee...have a blast!

Christy said...


I wish I could have a Christmas decorator...

I would love that job!

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