October 28, 2007

Chateau Lancaster, Before and After

Our entry table! It was my great-grandmother's sewing table, and I'm in the process of refinishing it. I made the arrangement!
A close-up of the arrangement that I made.

The corner chair in the foyer was my great-grandmother's as well. I refinished it in black and added the cushion :)

Our living room!

The mantle. I made the arrangements, and I took the photograph of Chapel of the Cross, which is where Kurt and I spent some time walking around on our first date, and then where he proposed!

This shows the drapes that my mother in law made me. I love them! We will get a new sofa at some point, but I think it works for now.

The picture is kind of blurry, but this is the whole room.

Our kitchen! We redid the countertops, knobs, paint, etc.

I love my kitchen :)

Our dining area.

I found this art at an antique store in Canton and had it reframed! I LOVE it...it has the 50s/60s painting style, but it's of an old castle. I love this piece.

The dining area again.

The guest room. I am going to refinish the chest, when I have the time. The cream Euros and lumbar pillow were custom made.

The bed! Me and my dad made the headboard.

My favorite! Our bedroom!

My favorite room in the house...

Floor to ceiling drapes....I love our bedroom!

Get ready for sky blue. EVERYWHERE.

This is our home! I wish the pictures had turned out a little clearer, but hopefully you get the idea. We are so thankful for the home God provided for us. I am doing this on a resident's budget, so it will evolve slowly! ;)

1 comment:

jeremy, adelle, & ella said...

i must say again...fabulous! love the color palettes you chose! it is so fun to redo a house and make it your home!

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