October 16, 2007

Cleaning in Scrubs

I was not having the best day today. I got to class on time, and that was fine, but once I got home, things went wrong. Kurt was home because he was leaving to go on call at 3:00. Somehow, we got into the discussion about holidays and which family we will spend what holiday with. Well I ended up bursting into tears over the issue, simply because I'm extremely close to my family and the thought of CHANGE occuring in the holiday plans made me have an anxiety attack. Make no mistake: I love my new family and really enjoy spending time with them. But: 1. I'm a girl.
2. I'm extremely close to my family.
3. I'm currently hormonal.
SO...that conversation was soon over and I hugged Kurt, still wiping away my tears, and I went on with things. Then I got started on my to-do list, which included paying for a bridesmaid's dress and calling the Grand Floridian hotel in Orlando to try and book my grandparents' room. (Note: they book up very early and our plans have changed so often it's hard to get anything done early for this trip.) I was talking to a lady that I believe was of Indian descent. Nice as she was, I couldnt understand some of what she was saying. So while writing down a bunch of information about hotels that I was not interested in, Doris, the Annoying-as-CRAP cat, threw her claws into my hand. I mean...we're talking BLOOD. I kept from screaming my head off and threw her off of me. I got off the phone, and Dr. Kurt applied alcohol and a bandaid. Well, as I was bending down to throw the wrapper to the bandaid away, I came up and banged my head on the open cabinet door. So I proceeded to burst into tears for like a third time today, ran into the office, and shut the door.
The next thing I know, I hear dishwasher starting, and the vacuum cleaner going. And there, in his scrubs, was my wonderful husband, cleaning for me. And this was 30 minutes before he had to be at work. Now, I usually wont brag and brag on Kurt because that gets annoying to anyone who's reading, but I was just overwhelmed by that little act of kindness. It's like he immediately knew how to help me. Sometimes I just forget to say thank you to the Lord for the gift of a wonderful friend and husband. So, after that long, rambling post, my bottom line: Thank you, God, for my wonderful Kurt. :)


Tommy, Suzanne, and Mary Peyton said...

bless your heart. i know. i don't thank tommy enough for what he does to help me out! but when he gets back (he won't be back from california until SATURDAY), i will thank him real quick!!!

Kristal said...

Ugh, I hate those kind of days!! What a sweetie Kurt must be. Cleaning is good enough, but in scrubs is even better! ;)

Ashley said...

Cleaning=big help.
Scrubs=big weakness! ;)

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