October 19, 2007


Wow. So I woke up today and immediately started working on schoolwork. And I was in the exact same position when Kurt got home from work at 5-something. Then, we went to dinner with my family for pizza and got back home around 7:30ish. And guess what I got to do? Go back to work. Next week is perhaps will be the most stressful that I have had so far. Just for kicks, here's the schedule:

Monday: Presentation of the bathroom project. My teacher cancelled on us last wednesday when it was due, so I will present the stupid bathroom and be done with it. Also an "estimations" quiz (weighted like a test). These are math problems. Please cue the "JAWS" theme. Bright spot: Bachelor comes on.

Tuesday: Nothing due today, but I recently found out (like, tonight) that I'll have overnight company in the house tonight and tomorrow (Wednesday) night. So I will be cleaning the house and planning meals. Also, HUGE Textiles test tomorrow.

Wednesday: Textiles test that will be incredibly difficult (Sample question: 'Which fiber is stronger? Cotton or flax?' AGGGHHHH!). Overnight company still here. Study for enormous English test tomorrow.

Thursday: BIG World Masterpieces test. 10 multiple choice/short answer, and one big, honking ESSAY. What's worse is that I made a perfect score on the last test (thank you, thank you), so I don't want to bomb this one and make the last one look like an accident. Did that make sense? Anyway, it's a big test over lots of material. Dante's "Inferno," anyone? Bright spot: I will get to celebrate by watching "The Office" tonight. Ahhh. Big sigh of relief. So glad Jim and Pam are finally dating.

Friday: Unless I'm terribly mistaken, this is my day of freedom. Since I dont have class on Fridays, I dont think I could have any responsibilies on this day. So Friday will be the best day of my life in a long time.

There, now that I've tediously typed out my schedule, you all can pray for me :) Please do so. I've been having a rough few days. Sometimes I feel like school really does affect how I act in my marriage, with my attitude, etc. I need to ask for extra help from the Lord about that. I'm trying my best...I just think I'm a perfectionist, and I create unrealistic expectations of myself. Even Kurt has said that. So I will try to take a day at a time, and keep my chin up. Other people have life a lot worse. So here I go, off to conquer the world. Well, homework at least.


Tommy, Suzanne, and Mary Peyton said...

yes........the office. the barnettes are office junkies, too.

in fact, i may have you something.....i'll try to have it with me when i see you next.

oh - and we're glad they are dating too........

Katrice said...

I knew somewhere on here I read that you watch the Bachelor!!! Please tell me you saw the episode that she fell down the stairs?!!! WHAT HAPPENED?! I thought I recorded the whole series and that one can not be found!!! I'm dying to know why, how she fell and what happened after that and who fell!!!!

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