October 24, 2007

A+ for the Autumn Tour of Homes!

Well, the Autumn Tour of Homes was FABULOUS! My family and close friends are always hearing how every home in this area looks the same. It's that French influence, and I see the same style of house everywhere in the central Jackson area. Medium/pinkish brick, iron overhangs over windows, wood beams...you have to know what I'm talking about. Although all of these homes on the tour tended to look alike, I really enjoyed seeing different floorplans, etc. And the furniture/fabrics were WONDERFUL. It was just a great time. I'm taking Kurt and my mom back Saturday. Kurt has heard this a million times, but when we finally build our "dream" home, it will not look typical. I want a very unique home that incorporates every element that I love. I've always said that being a design major makes it HARDER to do you own house, because you learn about so many different styles, periods, etc. But after seeing these homes, I am looking forward to the challenge! I am about to serve BBQ Chicken, rice consumme, green beans, and crescent rolls for dinner. Yum! Crock-pots are a Godsend! Oh, by the way...if anyone wants the tour of homes info or directions, comment and let me know! It's a great way to see trends in decorating, and you see six homes for $6! Also, it's not guided tours...you just wander at your leisure!


jeremy, adelle, & ella said...

definitely saving the maternity clothes! hopefully you will need them before i will again! hope to see you at elizabeth's shower!

Ashley said...

I will be there! Are you bringing ELLA!?

Ro said...

I want the info

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