October 29, 2007


That's right! The Lord literally dropped a job in my lap this morning. I was telling my friend that I was looking for one, and we both went about our business. Literally 20 minutes later she got a text from another friend of hers who told her that Annelle Primos and Associates had an opening. It was so random! My friend said "Ashley, these things don't just happen. Go get that job!" So after class I went in and introduced myself to the manager of the retail store (AP & A is a retail store on the first floor and an interior design firm on the second floor). She told me to fax my resume and she'd get back to me. I went to my dad's office, and while I was brushing up my resume, my friend Emily (who works at Annelle) wrote me a message that said "I hear you're working with us. You come highly recommended!" I was thrilled. Emily graduated from interior design at MC and apparently put in a good recommendation for me. So minutes later I got a call from Blair, the manager, and I'm hired! I will be working in the retail section of the firm, and then hopefully do my design internship with Annelle. I start Wednesday. God is so good!


Nikki Bonham said...

Hey Ashley! I just found you kind of randomly...its weird how you stumble across blogs of people you know.
Hope you're doing well. The pics of your house are beautiful!
And Congrats on your job!

Tommy, Suzanne, and Mary Peyton said...

yea yea yea!!!!! congrats!!!

jeremy, adelle, & ella said...

that is sooo great!! i went to high school with her daughter, mary claire! this will be such a great opportunity for you!! yippee!!

Ashley said...

Ya'll have to come see me!

Katrice said...

That is awesome Ashley! Congratulations!

Ro said...


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