October 4, 2007


So today I was in class, and my teacher proceeded to basically write out all of the assignments for the rest of the year. Keep in mind that this is a studio art class, and I was completely overwhelmed! It also didnt help my attitude that I want to keep my house up, cook meals, and stay active with my family. Welcome to the real world, right?! It's nice to remember that Jesus said "My grace is sufficient for you..." I need to yield to Him and focus on His sufficiency.
Some of you might know that Kurt and I are the new owners of a 7 week old kitten, Doris Day. She is a HANDFUL! She is constantly running, jumping, and playing, and we are trying to train her to be held. She just won't be still. Of all the kind of kittens in the world, I picked the A.D.D. one. As I speak, she is sitting on the back of my computer chair, batting at my hair. She is good company for me when Kurt has his long hours, and I figured it was better to have a kitten than a child, so here she is. She is black with little tiny bits of white, complete with a pink rhinestone collar. :) I love my Doris!
Last night Kurt and I finished The Office Season 3. I had already gotten caught up on the first episode of Season 4, so I'm ready to watch tonight! Also, I'm excited about Grey's. Now that the musical is over, I can watch a bit more TV. Not that it's very much! I hope that more people that I know start writing...it's interesting to read about what other people are up to. On a different note, I'm trying to figure out a job situation, and if I even have time for one. I was a nanny for awhile last spring, but the girl cancelled on me when I asked her about this fall. Oh well. We'll see!

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Ro said...

Love your music, Ash.

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