October 30, 2007

Thank goodness for Daddies and Husbands

I had a really bad day. My financial aid got totally messed up, I got a less-than-great grade on an English test, walked out of my English class (as in, didn't stay for lecture), found out one of my best friends is living in Austria this whole spring and summer, and vacation plans are up in the air due to a family member who is causing issues in our family. I cried twice at school before 10 am. Not a good sign. Kurt was at work, and I called my Daddy. I know I'm supposed to "leave and cleave" but I can still call my Daddy, thank you very much. Being the amazing father that he is, he made the trip to MC, realized he forgot a certain form we needed, went to go get the form, and drove BACK to MC. Then treated me to Chick-Fil-A, and handed me a $20 bill. "I'm treating you and Kurt to dinner. Don't cook tonight," he said :) Which almost made me cry AGAIN. When Kurt got home, I had just gotten the news about the vacation possibly not coming through, and he was sweet and comforting, as he always is. Then we went to Little Tokyo to cheer me up. It really did help just to eat at a restaurant. We went over to my parents' house and took Andrea (my baby sister) flowers and a "junior-high" age celebrity gossip magazine, "J-14." It cheered me up to see HER cheered up. We watched some TV and laughed at my impressions of people (who I WILL not name). It was good for my spirit. God is in control. We sometimes have off days. Thank goodness for the three men in my life: Jesus, Daddy, and Kurt. How I love them :)


Katrice said...

Just letting you know that you made me cry too! Gotta love daddies, husbands and Jesus!

Heather said...

Daddy's girls will always be daddy's girls. Trust me I am one and always will be one.

Tommy, Suzanne, and Mary Peyton said...

bless your heart. i'm thinking about you!!! i just told someone yesterday that i am a daddy's girl through and through. don't be ashamed of it - there's nothing wrong with it at all!

i will keep praying for you.

Ro said...

Ash...I understand completely. You are blessed, as I am. It is easy to take it for granted when things are going good, but when things are going not so great....it is awesome to be in the Fathers/ fathers/ husbands arms. God designed a beautiful thing in that.

Christy said...

You have a wonderful father-that is so awesome.

I hope your week goes better-financial aid is a NIGHTMARE at MC. I remember all to well!!

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