October 15, 2007

Vacation Change...

One of my favorite things about families is how they can change plans at the drop of a hat. [SARCASM] I am now in the process of re-planning the Disney vacation for the first week of January. I am going to only be able to see one day of Disney Christmas decorations, BUT...the Value Season starts on January 1st, which means it's WAY less crowded, and the hotel rates go down. So I guess it's for the best. But, mark my words, I will spend Christmas Eve and Day at DisneyWorld at some point in my life. I have been promised by Kurt that this can happen...one of these days when we're not a resident's salary(keep in mind that Mississippi pays its residents the lowest salary. Cool.). So...I'm off to call the hotels, change the restaurant reservations, and visit Mousesavers.com to find more deals. The joys of family vacation.


jUnEbUg said...

Didn't know you had a blog! Hooray! I love reading blogs and I am adding you to my list.

Check out my site...I JUST posted my latest thoughts about The Bachelor.

Also, sorry about the vacation changes. We were there one year on New Years. They took the Christmas decorations down very slowly. We were there for that whole week and it still felt very Christmasy. The characters still had their winter/Christmas costumes on so we got lots of great pics of the kids. So, no worries. It won't be quite the same, but it will be good. It IS Disney, for crying out loud!!


Ashley said...

THANK YOU for letting me know about the decorations! That is very encouraging. Disney and Christmas combined are my two favorite things, so I wont be disappointed. I've gotten really into the blogging thing too! ;)

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