November 4, 2007

Being a Resolver and Mother

This is so weird. It's 7:38 pm, and I'm ready to get in bed with a book. Am I 70?! I keep looking at my planner to try and figure out what schoolwork I should be doing. And yes, there are some things that I could do to get ahead...but honestly, I'm giving myself a night off. It's so hard for me to do that. I've come to this conclusion about myself: I'm a resolver. I literally can't STAND for issues, situations, or to-do's to be hanging over my head. It drives me nuts until I resolve things. A recent example: the pajama pants issue. As I posted earlier, they were too big. This just got under my skin, because I couldnt do anything about it until the next day. I looked at Kurt and said "I really wish it wasn't 11 at night so I could go exchange this and get it taken care of." Isn't that WEIRD? It obviously goes deeper, with family issues, etc. I want to help RESOLVE. My daddy has said this my whole life since I was a little girl: "You are creating a problem. You need to be solving problems." Obviously, this usually applied when we were crammed in the burgandy Chrysler van (luxury edition, I might add), circa 1994. And it applies now when my brother decides to make smelly bodily functions on cartrips. But anyway, that's always been my mentality. Solve things. Resolve things. But tonight, I don't think I'm creating any problems to get in bed 3 or so hours before my usual bedtime and watch tv/read. So that's what I'm going to do.

Some of you were in lifegroup this morning when Geno brought up my mom being the keynote speaker at the ladies' holiday event. I would just like to point out again how humerous this is to my family. I brought it up at lunch today: "Hey mom, um, did you know that you're being called the keynote speaker for the holiday deal?"

She looked at me, deadpan: "Yes, I realized that when I saw the word 'FEATURING' and then my name."

I laughed my head off. Apparently, she was told it would be an intro/devotional type thing. Then she saw the posters, now it's in the bulletin, on the announcement video in name it. You have to mother is so not a public figure kind of person. She supports my dad 500% in everything he does, but she's not going to get up and do interpretive dance during the service. Now, I know my mother....and she is absolutely hilarious. This was discovered by the church last summer when she introduced the speaker, Carol Ladd, a college friend of hers, at another ladies' function. She had everyone laughing, and so many people asked me "Why doesn't your mom speak more? She's great!" Of course, we already thought that, but she really doesnt like the spotlight. She teaches preschool at church and takes care of our family and is very content with that. I thought it was funny when we moved here...everyone asked us if we sang together. We were so confused, and wondered why in the world we would all sing together. It's just not us. We've gotten criticism for that from some people ["Ya'll are never never make appearances at things"], and we've been told it's refreshing that we're not uber-happy "we are the perfect pastor's family" kind of people. That's my life: mixed reviews from Congregation magazine. However, I'm really excited to see what she says. I get my sarcasm from her, if that's any indication. I told her to jazz it up at the very beginning:

"Some of the Anderson Christmas traditions are very special. We sing a different holiday song every evening before bed, we go caroling to the local weirdos, we hand-make our Christmas cards while Mark reads the Christmas story. But my favorite is our matching Christmas sweaters with the nativity on the front that I made by the fire."

Yeah, right. The women's ministry will love my mom :)


Katrice said...

My kids are in bed and I am catching up on my blog reading and laughing my head off at your blog about your mom. You are right ... I did ask her for a devotion and the wording on things (which I did not do) has changed the meaning somewhat!ha! I think I would give weird looks too, like I did this morning, when I read the Holiday Event was a "supper"-I hope it's not a supper b/c I have NOT planned on SUPPER food!!ha!ha!ha! I just love your mom to death - SHE is the reason my children do not cry when coming to church anymore. Your mom has such a sweet spirit about her she could just stand there for 15 min. and I would be encouraged...I'm with you-I can't wait to hear what she says!:)

jUnEbUg said...

Well, she cracked me up at that thing with that lady so I am looking forward to hearing her again.

Also, your comment about Congregation magazine cracked me up.

Tommy, Suzanne, and Mary Peyton said...

i'm ready for our big debut! too bad we can't go to each other's "class". we'll just have to give each other lessons sometime!

Christy said...

I love the Congregation magazine comment-you are hilarious.

Christy said...

Okay, one more thing...

What cd does the First Noel song come from? The song is beautiful! It put me in the mood for Christmas!!

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