November 13, 2007

Celebratory List

1. I love Dancing with the Stars this season. Such a good one to watch. And my grandmother plus the QVC crowd are keeping Marie Osmond in the game. I can't help but support Marie. It's in my DNA to support the Osmonds. Even though they're Mormon.

2. I got my nails done today. It was so wonderful. Sometimes all I need is a tiny bit of pampering, and I'm good. I didn't realize how much your self-esteem can be altered when your fingers don't look good. I neglected them for far too long. Now that I've got some "play" money, I'm....well....playing!

3. I would like a standing ovation, please. I made homemade poppyseed bread tonight for our dessert!!!! Yes, I MADE IT! And it was yummy. I can't wait to tell my Mommy and give my family a taste-test. Kurt said it was absolutely delicious, but he'd say that just to avoid getting hit in the face. Sometimes the smallest domestic things make me feel so proud, like I'm actually good at being a student/wife/daughter/housekeeper/pet owner. Thank you, thank you :)

4. I'm skipping my morning class tomorrow. And you know what? I might skip my other one too. I might just take the whole darn day off. People reading this must think I am a terrible student, but please let me clarify: I do not miss a class if I feel that it would be a complete disaster for my grade in the class. Also, I never miss more than my allotted absences per semester. But tomorrow, I dont have to work, and I have a ton to do, and I feel like celebrating. So I think I will, folks. Poppyseed bread and all.


Tiffany said...

I found your blog through "Mommy Brain," which I love, love, love, and I was like OMgoodness, there's Kurt. So, I thought I'd introduce myself. I'm Tiffany, Hugh's wife- med. school friends with your hubby! I've heard so many wonderful things about you. And it sounds like your taking good care of our friend Kurt! (Ah, domestic bliss, ya gotta love it!) Shannon (Nick's wife) and I tired to keep the boy fed back in our Kansas City days, when we found out dinner to Kurt was a can of beans, an orange, and a half pound of ground beef ploped over into the George Foreman, to be cooked. Thank Goodness you found him! No, but seriously, he is such a good guy, and we're soo glad to see ya'll happy! Can't wait to meet ya! Until then stop by my blog anytime to chat! God Bless!

Christy said...

oooh, I would so skip and make a pot of coffee and eat that poppyseed bread and ENJOY your day off!!

I always missed the exact number of abscenses allowed-still got good grades-but I didn't go as much as possible! It can feel so good to ditch LOL

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