November 6, 2007

Chicken Pot Pie and Dancing with the Stars

Kurt's on call again tonight and where did I go? My parents' house :) Mom cooked chicken pot pie and we watched the results show for Dancing with the Stars. Great season! I'm rooting for Marie, because I grew up listening to the Osmonds, but I would be very happy for Helio and Julianne (but only because I'm obsessed with Julianne). I would support Cameron and Edyta to win because Cameron is just a cutie and he is a nice family man. Lastly, I think Jenny and Derek are both adorable. I saw Derek in the musical Footloose in London and fell for him. He has been my crush ever since. So, all that to say, I would be happy with anyone who wins EXCEPT Mel and Max. NO THANKS. That's my opinion.

The Bachelor is just disappointing. Jenni still annoys me with that laugh of hers....and Deanna blinks 90 miles an hour. I do think that he will choose Jenni. This is the most obvious season I've ever seen. But I still watch because I'm a Bachelor junkie. I've seen every season. So I'll definitely tune in for the Women Tell All (Hillary the Cryer, anyone?) and I do want to see if he actually proposes.

My morning class got cancelled for tomorrow! This has definitely been my week in that sense. So I will go to class from 11-12:15 and then work til 6. Not TOO bad of a day. Work has been a challenge. Table Lady still wasn't decisive and I finally shoved things in a box and sent it to her, not even caring anymore. Kurt brought me sushi as a surprise AND a Sonic Cherry Limeade AND a card. It was the most precious thing. The card said "When the going gets tough, the tough get waterproof mascara!" HAHA! It was adorable. He ended up helping me pack the boxes to Table Lady. He left and then later in the afternoon everyone accused me to LOSING two of the four boxes. Um, no....I had them all packed and ready to go. Apparently the UPS guy decided to grab just 2 of the 4 for some reason. So everyone just looked at me and said "Well thank goodness, I'm sure you were panicking." Nothing like a comforting word. SO...hopefully I can just be done with this situation soon. I really don't think it's in my job description.

Well I'm headed home...back to my house....and my high-need cat. But all things considered, life is good :)


Tommy, Suzanne, and Mary Peyton said...

you are too funny.

Christy said...

high needs cat? LOL

I could let you borrow one of our dogs. Or Laura Grace.

They could teach your cat a few things ;) but knowing my child she would probably become best friends with the cat and come up with some horrible scheme...

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