November 3, 2007

Fall-time Fresh

I feel so good: my house is CLEAN!!! We're talking floors scrubbed, bathrooms polished, vacuumed fully, clutter straightened CLEAN. Note: posts of this kind will rarely happen, but I will be excited when they do occur. Sometimes I just get in these moods where I need to thoroughly clean or I will go crazy. Today was that day. I decided around Thursday or so that I was going to clean without fail. This is the first weekend that I didn't have hours and hours of mandatory homework, so I knew I could devote the time to it. Like I said, it's rare that I get in these uber-productive moods, but I'm thrilled when they happen. And I'm even motivated to get some schoolwork done, because I dont have anything immediately due. It's funny how that happens...when you dont have the pressure of immediately turning something in, you get more done. I still haven't figured out if I work well under pressure or not. Some people know that they are the most productive when stressed out....I just dont know that about myself. Hm.

It was a good shower brought back memories of my showers that happened not too long ago. It's good to be settled. I met Ella Varee Johnson for the first time (my friend Adelle's baby) and she is adorable. There was yummy food too--always a plus at a Southern shower of any kind. Tonight we are eating Mexican with Mom and Daddy. Daddy ran his yearly marathon today (I think he's run 4). He's trying to qualify for the Boston Marathon, and he's SO close! He needs a 3:30 (yes, that's 26 miles in three hours and thirty minutes), and he ran a 3:49 today. To me, that's simply amazing. He was bummed about not qualifying, but he set a new PR (personal record), and he and his running group were mislead on how hilly the course would be. So that affected his run. But I'm so proud of him! I need to start running. Maybe that will be my New Year's resolution. Hold me to it!

I'm off to get ready for dinner---happy weeekend!


jeremy, adelle, & ella said...

great to see you yesterday!! about the running..i am training for a 10k in february and suzanne is thinking about training for the susan komen 5k next spring. you should do one of those with me! it would be fun! depending on our schedules maybe we could train some days together. also check out i am hoping to take a girls trip to atlanta for that race.

Kristal F. said...

I didn't know your dad ran, Ashley! So that's how he keeps up his hotness... ;)

Christy said...

That's ok, after Sunday School Clay said "YOU DIDN'T INTRODUCE YOURSELF!"

Is is lame to consider yourself introduced because you "talk" online? LOL

We will talk IN PERSON next Sunday, Sunday school can be crazy with so many people talking so I understand!

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