November 12, 2007

List-Making Near Midnight

1. Working retail is really hard. Working is hard period. If I weren't just 22, still wanting to travel with my husband, and in school, I would so have kids just to avoid dealing with the retail world. I understand that being a wife and mom is hard, but I'm positive the blessings in that lifestyle outweigh getting lectured by the accountant at work. She is so grouchy.

2. DVR has changed my life. I record like there is no tomorrow, and I watch at my leisure. I watched Jon and Kate Plus 8 this morning as I put on my makeup. Life-changing.

3. I'm ready for the holidays. Seriously. It's time.

4. I am taking off of work Wednesday to get my life in order. That means school work, errands, and most importantly, figuring out what in the world I'm doing for this holiday evening at church. Katrice, if you're reading this, don't freak out. I have it under control. Or I will by Thursday at least.

5. I love my husband. He came to work today (he was off for Veteran's Day) with sushi and a limeade for me, hugged me while I cried about work, went to the grocery store for me AND developed pictures that I need for my color rendering class. He is truly wonderful. I think I'm justified bragging on him. Oh, and two people at work so far have told me how adorable he is. I quite agree :)

6. It's 11:37, and I wish I could stay up longer. But I have class in the morning. Go figure. Ugh. Oh well. I don't have to report back at work til Friday, and surprisingly, I'm not choking under the stress of my life right now. I'm doing ok. The Lord has been good. But pray for my uncle. I can't go into details right now...maybe later....but just pray for my family. We are really going through a trying time with him.

Happy week, everyone :)


Andrea said...


I think you and I could be sisters....I LOVE Kristin Billerbeck, and I love Jon and Kate plus 8! I also grew up watching lots of musicals and since I am a former Ballet Dancer, I love performing!!!! Hang in there...I am sorry you had a bad day. Yes, children are a blessing, BUT enjoy that time you have without them. I promise you that you will look back one day and be glad you did! ;) BUT... if you ever want to practice...I will happily lend you one of mine! I bet Christy would too! ;)

jeremy, adelle, & ella said...

i completely agree about the world of retail and working. being a mom is hard but it is so much better than working a job. i hate that i have to go back to work in january but i know we will be fine. do enjoy the time ya'll have just the 2 of you though. i am so glad jerm and i had a little over 4 years together... it will never be just the 2 of us ever again!

Katrice said...

Ha! You thinking you will stress me out does not...thinking we have a dead animal in the ceiling MIGHT!!!! We noticed a funny smell yesterday...and now again today! Pretty funny when you are walking around your house sniffing and then getting you neighbor (Mrs. Faye) to sniff with you!

Tommy, Suzanne, and Mary Peyton said...

praying for you....

and i'm trying to just get everything TOGETHER for thursday night....and decide if we've got time to go ahead and do santa pictures after work that afternoon......

mass chaos....

Christy said...

Andrea is right. You can have my children ANYTIME!!!!!!!!!

Did I sound too excited? LOL.

I also love Jon and Kate, they make me feel better about the chaos at my house.

Retail is really hard, I did it during highschool and college and I left crying at least three times a week!

Kurt is adorable and good for him! Clay does things like that. He brought me a Seattle Drip Coffee last week because I called him from the bathroom at work and told him that I almost fell asleep during Circle Time.

SO, yes. I understand. And I hope it gets better.

katie said...

I can totally relate in regards to your feelings towards retail. I have been in retail for 7 years. This is the most stressful and hectic time with the holidays. People (co-workers and customers) can be grouchy, rude and just on edge. Just try to let it roll off your sleeve. I know it's hard, but it gets to the point where you either laugh or just roll your eyes. I promise it will get better! Everyday is different with good, bad and sometimes funny experiences. It's definitely not boring. I have men who come in my store, and just crack me up with some of the things they say as they are trying to get a present for their wife or girlfriend! It sounds like you have a great husband who gives you support and is your biggest cheerleader!

Ro said...

Ash--Hang in there. Retail is nuts...from what I remember of has been a long time! Motherhood and children are SO REWARDING, but the toughest job I have ever had in others...WORTH IT...EVERY MINUTE...but you will question lots then too. I am with Andrea...slow down and find some pleasure in this time. SOAK UP will treasure it when you have children and be glad that you spent some time developing your relationship with him and your many talents (even if your future design talents and dramatic renditions will be primarily for your own family)-- Oh and Rivs is available too...just to let you know---heehee

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