November 27, 2007

MAJOR conflict of interest...

Wow. So my mom called just to inform me that Houston Nutt will now coach the Rebels. How upsetting. My coach now joins Kurt's team. How ironic. I have never cared for Ole Miss, and I'm open about that fact. Suzanne, I know you're reading this freaking out. I'm okay with that. I guess now I will have a pure motive cheering for the Rebels, only because we're good friends with Houston. He and my grandfather are good friends, and maybe he'll be able to take care of us. We'll see. Please understand me: I'm cheering for Houston, NOT the Rebels. This has the possibility to become a source of contention. But I'm looking on the bright side. At least we'll get to see Houston more often, hopefully. What a weird, small world football is. I don't get it.


Christy said...

Laura Grace has an Ole Miss bow, a State cheerleading uniform, State bows for her shoes, an Ole Miss t-shirt, LSU socks and t-shirt and an Alabama hoodie.

I have a very diverse family.

I am a State fan myself but Laura Grace represents a little of everyone LOL

Tommy, Suzanne, and Mary Peyton said...

ummmmmm......yep. you can be a rebel with us - we'll let you! did you get my text? =)

Andrea said...

Oh Ashley....don't do it!!!!! LOL

We bleed Maroon and White over here! ;)

demetria said...

hey ashley- I hope your friend can bring some wins our way:) by the way, your tree looks great. we've been out of lifegroup for a while, but look forward to visiting with you when we get back. we had a long visit over thanksgiving with hugh, tiff and their kids. it was soooo great and i miss them so much:(

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