November 30, 2007

What a trip! More pictures to come...

Eating at Friday's before the concert.

In front of the FedEx Forum!

At the hotel.


We had a WONDERFUL time in Memphis!! We got there at about 4:00 Thursday evening, checked in and then went a parked the car near the Forum. We went and ate at TGI Friday's and then entered the chaos. We saw girls ranging in all ages, dressed to the nines, ready to see their idol. And yes, we all bought T-shirts. Well, not Daddy, but that's to be expected. We had good seats, and had our binoculars ready. The Jonas Brothers opened, and my sisters started SCREAMING. My dad and I, on the other hand, had earplugs in that blocked a good amount of the screaming. It was great. We could hear the music, but at a very reasonable noise level. The Jonas Brothers did a great job, and then Miley Cyrus, dressed as Hannah Montana, started the concert. I have never seen anything like it in my life. These girls were going absolutely crazy. NUTS. Mid-way through, Hannah Montana became her real self, Miley, and continued the concert. It really was a great show, I have to say. Even dad and I thought they gave you your money's worth. I could tell Andrea was in heaven, which made it all so worth it. We finished the evening at Steak n Shake, which was really fun. This morning we had breakfast at Cracker Barrel, which was wonderful. I have to end this post by saying that I have the most fabulous, giving dad I know. You could tell there was no other place he'd rather be than with us in Memphis. We just love him so much.


Christy said...

What fun!

You and your sisters look so pretty! And yes, your dad is awesome :) Any dad that would go to a Hannah Montana concert is amazing!

Christy. said...

I found your blog through a friend and I had to comment on the concert. I took two of my kids to the Hannah Montana concert in Portland, Oregon and I loved it too! She sings great and the concert was so entertaining. I am glad you had fun!

Tiffany said...

Hey Ashley! LOVE the pictures! I think your dad is awesome too! He was a wonderful pastor, and your mom was so sweet! They probably don't remeber us- we were only there for a year. Your dad led us to First Baptist- Raytown, when we moved to KC for med. school. (And we loved it there too!- Drove 30 min. every Sunday -just to go there!) Anyway, you were asking about our address- I sent it to your e-mail. Have a blessed day!

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