November 10, 2007

The Wonderful World of Blogging!

I am amazed at the blogging world. I am learning so much! Sometimes I really just want to stay up late and read blogs. Then one person's page leads you to so many more blogs that are goes on and on. I really have enjoyed spending my down-time, when I rarely get it, just browsing people's lives and learning new things, like recipes. Maybe my blog might be looked at by strangers. I would love to know :) That's my only little observation for the evening. Blogging is a good thing. More people should do it.


Andrea said...

Hi Ashley! I am a friend of Christy H. and a fellow preachers child!!! The three of us could form a club! Anyway, love your blog...GORGEOUS pictures!!!! Congrats on your new marriage!

like a lily among thorns... said...

Hi! My name is Lee (spelled like a guy, but I'm a girl). I actually came across your blog yesterday while doing a Google search for why people write blogs. I kind of want to start one, but I'm also really private; there's a battle inside me! Anyway, just wanted to let you know that, yes, a stranger has stumbled on your blog and she finds it fascinating! I love how you love Jesus and your family. (Oh, and I realize that this post is 2 years old; I'm just reading all of your posts from the beginning. You are right: people's lives are so interesting!)

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