December 10, 2007

A Family Conversation

This is an actual conversation that took place this evening:

Will: "Dad told me that if I ever get caught rolling people's houses or mudding in their yards, he won't bail me out of jail."

Dad: "That's right. If you're guilty, don't even bother to call."

Mom: "Mark, he could end up there with gay people in the same cell!"

Dad: "Well, one night of that would cure him forever."


Tommy, Suzanne, and Mary Peyton said...

OH MY GOSH. i am sitting here laughing out loud while the other 2 members of my family are sound asleep. HOW FUNNY! poor will - - - at least i never got caught! well, unless you count the time geno caught me and kecia. but that doesn't really count.

Christy said...

Oh my goodness I just spewed my coffee all over the place. That is HYSTERICAL.

When I see your dad at work tommorrow I may not be able to not laugh!!

Katrice said...

Ok I just laughed until I cried and then choked! That is hilarious! Good thing I never got caught....several of my friends "cookied" our pastor's car when I was in the youth group....but then we returned b/c we started feeling guilty and bad that ants might invade his car and bite their newly adopted baby! How bad is that? I was such a "good" girl - I couldn't "be bad" even when i tried!ha!

Andrea said...


jeremy, adelle, & ella said...

hilarious!!! we always got caught!!

Ro said...

On my first trip, I got caught...didn't even do anything...REALLY, I didn't. I was just in the truck on the way...ANYWAY...we went to jail...well, outside the jail. Never got inside. I never went again.... OKAY, well, not for a long time.

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