December 17, 2007

It's getting so close!

Christmas, I mean. Can you believe it's almost here? I have double- and triple-checked my calendar, an

Christmas is indeed just days away. I always love the early part of December because Christmas decorations are JUST going up, and the sights and sounds are just beginning. I am the one who is always depressed right after Christmas. I just can't help it.

There's really not much to report here. Kurt has been on call, and I've been enjoying NOT having school. Granted, I'm still very busy, but it's exciting nonetheless. Tomorrow night Kurt is taking me to see "A Christmas Carol" at New Stage Theatre. We are very excited. We went last year, and ate at IHOP afterwards. We actually ended up having the "marriage" discussion after this date last year, so it's a special memory for us. Wednesday night we are having our friends Erin and Drew over for dinner:

There they are!

Erin is a great friend of mine from college and she's engaged to Drew, who's an internal medicine resident. So we often commiserate about residents' schedules, long hours, etc. I'm in their wedding in May. So we'll have a little dinner party. Fun!

Thursday is my baby sister's birthday. Punky (Andrea to everyone else) will be 13!!!! I am very much upset about this. I remember rocking her, loving on her, and giving her breathing treatments when she was so sick around the ages of 1-4. She was a sick little baby, and I loved taking care of her. So anyway, I sound like a mom. In case she's reading this, I won't tell what I got her, but it's a good gift! I'll post about it afterwards.

Friday we're going to see the Canton Victorian Christmas Festival. Now, this is an inside joke in my family, because the first year we lived here, Mom heard about it and wanted us to go. However, when we got there, the square was deserted and it looked really dinky. We've laughed about it ever since. We're still not sure if we just got there at the wrong time, or what. But I wanted to try it again, so Kurt and I are going, and I think Mom and some others may tag along. I'm looking forward to my Christmas activities!

Saturday, the 22nd, it's my last day of work! I work from 10-2, and then Kurt and I are off to Ripley to have the Lancaster Christmas. We'll get back to Jackson on Christmas Eve in time for the service.

Whew! That's my week. I just love Christmastime.


Christy said...

We took Laura Grace to the Canton square two years ago.

It was dinky.

I am glad I am not the only one who thinks so!! LOL.

Katrice said...

Ok you two - that's not the point! The point is to make memories! :) Go on the night that the choirs sing, the horse and carriage rides are going and you can walk around and drink hot chocolate and look at the animations in the window that used to cover all the banks during the holidays! I just had this SAME conversation with my husband!ha!ha!

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