December 18, 2007

REALLY Random Thoughts

-I love Jesus tips. Tonight we were in IHOP (which I also LOVE), and we gave our waitress a really generous tip. It was 9:30 at night, her shift had probably just started, and you could just tell she has a rough life. I love ministering to people who serve ME.

-Stubborn people annoy me. Ungodly people make me sad. Disrespectful people ANGER me. And guess what? In Wal-Mart tonight at 10:30 (this was separate from the grocery run I made today) with Kurt to purchase one last Christmas gift, we encountered a person who had all three of these traits. Therefore, I experienced all of these emotions. However....and this is a big however....lately I've been convicted to just be more of Jesus to people. The guy was probably 17 or 18 years old, cocky, and arrogant. Something didn't go the right way with his checkout, and he demanded to see a mangager, while at least 6 people waited behind him, including us. Keep in mind that there are only 3 checkout lines running in the store at the time, so tension was extra high. He just was so pig headed and mean and stubborn! Kurt was about to blow up, and I was about to give the jerk a talking to, but we looked at each other and just knew we needed to be Jesus. So when we got to the checkout clerk, bless her heart, we just smiled extra big. I even said "I'm sorry you just had to go through that, ma'am," and she just looked so relieved that someone was NICE to her. All that to say, I love my husband a TON more because of that trip (he was so patient) and it's a reminder for all of us who are Christians to remember Who we represent.

-I love extra soft nightgowns. I bought one at Marshall's the other day and it is DIVINE. It's the simple things.

-I hate clutter. And I am getting rid of the clutter in my house AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

-I am accepting the fact that I probably will never be a morning person. For the longest time, I have beat myself up about this, because I feel like if you're not up at 7 am, you're lazy. But you know what? I don't think that waking up at 9 is that bad. And I know once I have kids I will be up with the best of them, but right now, in this chapter, I am allowed to be a night owl. Thank you.

-I think Christmas cards are one of my favorite things. I love seeing how people have changed or grown, and I especially love Christmas letters. No one does old-fashioned corrosponding anymore, but for some reason, at Christmastime people STILL won't send out a tacky email for a Christmas greeting. If we think it's so tacky to send an email for a thank-you note or Christmas card, shouldn't we be hand-writing notes more during the year? Maybe I should try to do that.

-I love how perfect Kurt is for me. Sometimes I just think....thank you, Lord! We are so perfectly matched, I know that only God could've planned it. Sounds mushy, but it's really true. I'm just extra thankful for him.

There's a lot more randoms I could write, but I should go straighten my house. I AM having company tomorrow. Bon soir, everyone!


Tommy, Suzanne, and Mary Peyton said...

your dad encouraged all of us to do special little things for people we don't know - was a while back.

anyway.....we did just that. tommy and i were at cracker barrell eating and there was a little old man eating by himself. we told the waitress to give us his bill so we could pay it. and then we explained to her the challenge from your dad. she said how she wished someone would do something like that for her. little did she know the "Jesus" tip that we were going to leave her just a few minutes later!

it does feel SO SO good, doesn't it?

kinda like how i somehow ALWAYS get teary eyed when i put money in the salvation army bucket. yep - i'm a little emotional mushy. but that's me!

Andrea said...

Awwww! That is the true spirit of Christmas!

demetria said...

it's so refreshing to see people REALLY be KIND to one another -- because it is so RARE, you know??

on another note -- i'm not a morning person either. never have been and i guess never will be. don't ask how i made it through the newborn stage -- TWICE;)

Christy said...

First, I must say that you are awesome. My family once recieved a "Jesus" gift and it literally saved my parents financially that month. I have always, always remembered that as the first time that I was aware that God really does take care of us. Who knows, maybe you did the same for that waitress!

Second, can you come declutter my house too? I just gave away three huge trashbags of clothes and toys to Goodwill. I could EASILY fill ten more. How do we collect all this STUFF?!?!?!

Third, I am so into pajamas. I LOVE nightgowns too. You have motivated me to stop at Marshalls tonight!

And finally, I am only a morning person after SEVERAL cups of coffee. But for some horrible reason I have children that wake up in between 5:30-6:30 a.m. EVERY SINGLE MORNING. Even the nights they stay up until 3 a.m.

And yes, that has happened!

SO you are right, enjoy this time in your life! Enjoy having this precious time to get to know your husband, have fun with him and learn how to be a godly wife. Then, one day you will me a Mommy and by God's grace you will become a morning person too!

Or you will have one of those rare children that sleep in. And then I will have to hate you. ;)

Ro said...

Well...I am still waiting on being a morning person...I don't sleep in really late, but an 8 am every now and then is SWEET! I have a theory on night owls and early birds and whether it is "lazy" or not...but I will save that for another time.

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