January 15, 2008

The Daily News

Well, today was a good day. I went to lunch with my friend Constance. We went to Little Tokyo---my favorite! It was also one of the first restaurants I took Kurt to when he moved to Jackson. Alexander's was the first. But sometime I'll post our engagement story. :) ANYWAY, I came home and honestly, I just feel like I killed a lot of time. I was researching things for our anniversary trip (I get in a zone when I'm planning a trip...it's ridiculous). Anyway, Kurt came home and we ate leftover tortilla soup and then watched American Idol. Kurt said he didn't think he could stand two hours of terrible singing, but I think he ended up liking it somewhat. Oddly enough, my father really enjoys this show. A surprise fact about my dad: he's an excellent music critic. He can hear when someone is the least bit sharp or flat. Another lesser known fact: he can water ski barefoot. It's true! He learned from a member of the US Ski team when we lived in Orlando. I keep getting off track...

So we watched American Idol and then I took a shower. It sounds like a really boring thing, but I've become a fan of showers at night. I just feel like I take more time and I feel better afterwards. AND....I exfoliated my face AND put a masque on. I usually never take time to give my skin a little extra boost....it felt good! I read some of my Walt Disney biography and now Kurt just made me more hot chocolate. I think we must be in a hot chocolate mood. :)

Anyway, tomorrow I am packing for our Cape Girardeau trip (exciting!) and then meeting up with Brooke to give her my Christmas gift to her. It's really cute! Thursday I go in to observe at Live Oak (where I'll work). I'm already kind of nervous! Pray for me. Happy evening, everyone!


Christy said...

You will do great!

Tommy, Suzanne, and Mary Peyton said...

hope y'all have a safe (and fun) trip! will you still be there tomorrow night? i'll bring your happy(ies) with me then!


i told your mom what i've got for you and she said you were going to love it, too!

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