January 23, 2008

Long Post

Well, a few orders of business: First of all, THANK YOU TIFFANY for giving me the Spread the Love Award! I will be thinking of who to pass it on to. Everyone should read Tiffany's blog--it's pretty awesome!

Next, I have been tagged, so seven new things about myself:

1. My family and I used to put together a lot of puzzles when I was little. Like, 1000 pieces. It was pretty good therapy, actually. You just sit in quietness and concentrate on putting pieces together. It sounds weird. But it's not.

2. I don't want to name my kids generic, run-of-the-mill names. I'm into being unique, which you can probably guess from my strong opinions, convictions about architectural integrity, and such. I'm not going to name them Grape or Banana or anything embarrassing, but I want them to be set apart....well, they will be because of Jesus anyway, but a cool name always helps.

3. I get in this weird zone when I'm planning something. I make a file, print out any necessary info, and research endlessly on the internet. I absolutely love planning. But I love GOING there more.

4. Speaking of internet....I have become THAT person. You know....the person who love to spend time on the computer. For some reason, it has become my "chill out" time when I get home from a stressful day, or I just want to escape for the moment. I look things up, research pictures from 1950s/60s homes, facebook/myspace/blog, and dream about the places I'll travel to. I am embracing that I love my computer time.

5. I have been pulling pictures of out magazines, etc. of inspirations for my future home(s). I am putting them in a big binder, because my home is THAT important to me. And I specifically designed this house like "designed to sell" so that we MIGHT get a decent value for it. I guess the bottom line is...my environment is WAY WAY important. And I notice other people's environments. In some homes, I feel cozy and happy, and I know a happy family/person lives there. In other places, I feel like it's just STUFF sitting around. I really hope my home is the cozy, happy kind. So watch out....I'm catching vibes from your house. :)

6. I like going to the movies. It's become a thing with me. For some reason, it feels like a treat to be able to sit in a big building and watch a brand new movie on the big screen. I have about 3 movies that I'm waiting to see. 27 Dresses is first in line on Friday! I'm excited!

7. I value the elderly immensely. I am scared to death that the generation who brought us Glenn Miller, MGM musicals and good values is fading away. This saddens me terribly. They have so many stories and so much wisdom....shouldn't we listen? I'm working on how I can do this. I have a few ideas.

Now then, there are 7 new tidbits.

And to finalize my post.... I feel like today was 95 hours long, but only because of one incident. Babysitting Rivs...awesome. (P.S., that's Rivers, one of my best friends Roseann's daughter.) I'll post pics of that in a sec. But here's what happened from 9:30-noon. My dad and I needed to go to the Annex (one of our church buildings) to make some copies, etc. Well, we arrive and stop the car. Then we hear it: "Meow." Yup. That would be a cat. And it was coming from inside....I mean UP UNDER....the car. I freak out. My dad looks really really annoyed. Soon, we have Geno, Andy, and my dad all trying to take the side panels off my SUV to try and reach in and find the cat. We figured out after using a flashlight that it was one of my parents', Mew. She was stuck! My dad has to take off his dress shirt (left in a t-shirt in 40 degree weather) and literally reach inside tire well to get ahold of her. It sounded like BLOODY MURDER as he was pulling her out. We're talking a full-grown cat being pulled out of a 5 inch space. He finally had her by the tail and when he got her out, she reached around and BIT (HARD) his hand. Well blood starting freely flowing, and Mew fled the scene into some woods nearby. My dad is bleeding, and so we get first aid and I start to bandage/doctor it up. About this time, my dad can't remember if he has a current Tetanus shot, so we have to figure out how to get him vaccinated before he starts foaming at the mouth.

So I'm doctoring his hand, and he gets a call from the President of Lifeway Christian Resources for a scheduled conference call. The timing.

So I'm now dressing him back into his dress shirt while he's trying to sound uber professional and Bob, another staff member, is trying to get his current medical records. I wish there had been cameras rolling.

SO the current status is: Dad got vaccinated by Kurt, who prescribed a shot and got him taken care of. Mom didn't go into cardiac arrest about the cat, but I think has gone looking for her. And I went to take care of Rivs for the afternoon, where we played Princess, which included a hairdo, makeup, a showing of Cinderella, and a snack served on a tray, complete with cloth napkin. I have this documented:

Whew! Lovely evening, everyone :)


Christy said...

Laura Grace wants you to come babysit her.

She is all about princesses and snacks on trays.

AND WATCH OUT FOR THAT COMPUTER TIME!!!! We wouldn't want that to become a stumbling block... LOL. Just kidding.

Ro said...

Oh, Ashley...what a day! The pictures of Rivs made me tear up!!! She is still talking about you taking her to school and playing with her...you have so "made it!" I am still waiting on the "cool" ticket, but not holding my breath--hahaha! I want to hear from you. Are you okay? What about the cat?

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