January 13, 2008

The "Modern" Miss America?

Wow. If this is modern....

Give me this instead.

This afternoon I have been watching the new reality show "Miss America Reality Check" on TLC. Basically, TLC has picked up the pageant and has created a 3-4 week reality show of letting America get to know the contestants. They also participate in challenges, etc. The goal of this year's pageant is a "re-vamped" Miss America, who is modern, fresh, and new.

I agree that helmet hair and overdone eyeshadow is one thing. I mean, I'm a Texas girl, and when I have long hair, I love my hot rollers. But I know when to stop. I agree that pageant girls have a certain "look," and maybe it's time to update.

But here's my problem. One of the challenges consisted of the contestants sitting around small tables in groups and discussing current controversial issues. Well, of course I was all over that. Basically, they showed a bunch of girls giving conservative opinions about gay marriage, gun control, and sex education. Then, they showed a clip of Miss Vermont saying: "Well, aren't gay people citizens too? What if the government took away your privileges because you're blonde?!" Then one of the judges hailed her as "his favorite" because she had a new modern attitude and was fresh. The basic implication was that all of the conservative girls are old-school and need to update their thinking, and the ones with liberal viewpoints are automatically the best candidates.

I wholeheartedly disagree, and I think that being a Conservative is nothing to be ashamed of. Is it popular? Um...NO! Is it generally accepted, understood, or considered kosher? No. But I'm a conservative, and that doesn't make me an 80-year-old who lives under a rock.

Gay marriage: Are we called to love homosexuals? Yes. But are we called to change the moral foundation on which our country was founded? Absolutely not. I personally would be terrified as a government to blatantly go against what the Bible says on this issue. There are some things that the Bible isn't as clear about, but this is a black and white issue. If I were in charge, I would fear the wrath of God for leading a country in a direction that goes against Holy Scripture.

Gun control: Criminals will be criminals. Controllling guns only punishes the innocent. A criminal WILL get his hands on a weapon, one way or another, if that's what he desires to do. However, when that criminal breaks into my home and my husband isn't allowed to have a gun to defend us? No way! That's not cool with me.

Sex education: Abstinence is THE only way to avoid STD's and teen pregnancy. I firmly believe that abstinence should be taught in schools. What students choose to do with that information is their business, but running a "Planned Parenthood" operation in our schools is atrocious and terrifying. If someone tried to hand a condom to my child, I would be irate. Yes, kids experiment. Yes, they mess up. But publically acknowledging (and basically condoning) promiscuity is something I cannot support.

So, called me old-fashioned, small-minded, and overly-opinionated. I obviously wouldn't be the right "Miss America" candidate. But being a liberal does not automatically make you the "next best thing" and someone who is "fresh and modern." I have a cute haircut; I wear leggings; I accessorize with vintage jewelry; I have a modern look...but I'm not handing out birth control to my kids. Go ahead. Give the crown to someone else.


Katrice said...

I totally agree! I saw this on tv and just sat with my jaw dropping the entire time. AND It's amazing to me "what they think they have to show" in an episode for ratings!!!

Tommy, Suzanne, and Mary Peyton said...

and i agree 100%. it really is sad.

winstead family said...

i think you should run for president!!

president lancaster...you'd have MY vote! :)

Christy said...

I completely agree. They have turned the girls into trash. Rude, but true. They are teaching them to be "modern" and "sexy".

Jeffry and Morgan said...

I so agree with you, Ashley! I don't know why they try to still insist that pageants are scholarship competitions. I mean, really?

Andrea said...

Well spoken Ms. Ashley! I agree! The problem is that this view of "modern" and "sexy" has even made its way into our churches. It is very sad to me when I see women with cleavage hanging out on Sunday mornings. Unfortunately, that is just the way our society has become accustomed to!!!

jeremy, adelle, & ella said...

amen!! i have caught the show a few times! i am a good old fashioned girl too!!!

demetria said...

woo-hoo, you tell 'em, ashley! you'd get my vote for sure!

Ro said...

Speak it and with conviction! Now that is modern and fresh....heart felt conviction...not scripted prediction! Love it!

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