January 12, 2008

Pictures...nothing new to report...

Well, our little dinner party was a success! We had my beef enchiladas, Mexican rice, tortilla soup, and sugar cookies for dessert. We played Phase 10 until midnight! Just a sidenote: my husband is currently laughing at me for drinking an entire bottle of sparkling grapejuice by myself, in one night. I'm sorry, but that stuff is just about the best drink ever. I mean, I don't drink alcohol, but if it tastes as good as this stuff, I see why people get addicted. I know it's full of calories, but good grief. It's so good.

Not much to report...I went to a wedding today and then came home and worked on the house a little (definitely a LITTLE), then went walking with mom and Lis. We walked 2 miles, which was a great feeling. Then Kurt and I ordered pizza for dinner, which is always fun for me for some weird reason. Now that I'm thinking about it, I totally negated walking two miles by eating Domino's and drinking all that grapejuice. UGGGGHHH. Anyway, I played piano for awhile tonight. I'm trying to give myself more time to play. I'm rusty! But it was good to play again.

I included pictures of Mexican night, me and my sisters before the wedding, and a rare occurance: Doris being still. I found her in our bedroom calm as can be and I was so excited I took a picture. Maybe she's actually entering her adult life!

Oh, also: You can view my California Photo Album here:


Part II California:


And Our First Christmas Album:


Church tomorrow---Happy Sunday!


Tommy, Suzanne, and Mary Peyton said...

mary peyton likes your cat - but when i got to the picture of the 3 sisters, she said "andea!!!". she loves her!

Brock and Olivia said...

you set the table! ;)

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