January 14, 2008

Update and Request

I got the job!! They hired me after we talked for awhile and I officially start next Tuesday. I will train Thursday and Monday. Kind of overwhelming, but I think I can handle it. God is good! But the thing about this job is...I can't share any stories from work. Obviously, confidentiality is HUGE, and I could get in trouble big time for saying anything. But I am ready to be a receptionist!

On another note, we (Kurt's side of the family) are going skiing for Spring Break in Colorado! However, I have NO ski gear, and if there's anyone out there that would like to loan me some stuff, that would be so great. Just let me know as soon as possible if you guys can offer anything. Just trying to do this without spending a ton of money!

I'll check in later...right now I'm about to drink cocoa with my husband and read. :)


Tommy, Suzanne, and Mary Peyton said...

i know about not being able to say anything - i can tell stories, but not names.

we are going to JA tomorrow night if ya'll want to come meet us and watch some good basketball!!!

Christy said...


Ro said...

Sounds like a BLAST! Wish I could help...the few things I had are long gone and would have been SO outdated. Anyway-- Have a blast!

jeremy, adelle, & ella said...

yeah!! so great about the job and the trip! i so know what you mean about not being able to talk! people would literally kill us if we talked about their ssa business! for the trip--the only thing i think i might have is some long underwear. not sure what size they are. and i have a jacket that can be used as a ski jacket. might have a few wool socks too. you are welcome to try them.

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