January 24, 2008

Way Awesome Vintage Finds!

Tonight I've been lying on the couch watching Project Runway (way awesome!) and huddled under a blanket because I don't feel too well. Turns out Rivs came down with the flu last night, so I was exposed all day yesterday! However, I think all I have is allergy issues, because I've just been blowing my nose a lot. And I am determined NOT to miss my movie date with Liv tomorrow. No way. So I've been resting up tonight. But earlier today I felt ok, so I went to Canton with my friend Erin. She was looking for a brooch to sew into her hair for her wedding in May, and I just love vintage/antique anything, so she asked me to come along. And GUESS WHAT I FOUND!??!!?

A vintage 1950s Sunbeam mixer that still works impeccably!! I registered for the $300 Kitchenaid mixer that was made to LOOK vintage, but I never got it as a gift. So I got the ORIGINAL. And it matches my kitchen. What a find!

Also...a 1950's sewing chair! Now, I don't sew, but it's an awesome accent/conversation piece, and it's in great condition. I will recover the seat at some point, because there's a slight discoloring on the green fabric, but I could not pass it up. I was so excited. PLEASE join me in my excitement over these:


Tommy, Suzanne, and Mary Peyton said...

HOW FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!

i'm so glad to know you like to antique look/shop. it is one of my favorite things to do - and i did it a lot more prior to may 19, 2005 (mary peyton's birthday).

we'll have to go "lookin'" sometime!

hope you don't have what rivs has!

any sign today of mew?

Jon said...


i found your dream home, complete with decorations. ;)

Liv said...

.. that was Liv, i guess i was last signed in gmail under jonbsund.

winstead family said...

your style is so neat!

demetria said...

this is probably a stupid question, but can you sit on the chair, too, or does it just hold stuff???

congrats on your cool finds!

Christy said...

I LOVE the chair!!

My grandmother used to have a mixer just like the one you have. I loved using it when I was little.

Ro said...

Cool finds! Please tell me that you are still okay! Rivs is doing much better...enough so to be in time out for locking L out of the house!

Katrice said...

My mom had a chair just like that! I have no idea where it is now but when I saw it I knew! How fun!

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