January 21, 2008

Wonderful Weekend

My heart is so full! We had a wonderful weekend in Cape Girardeau. It's amazing how seeing certain places and faces can just make you emotional. I, as well as all of my siblings, have been back to Cape since we moved, but this was my parents' first time back. Needless to say, it was a wonderful time of fellowship with old friends. I will post pictures soon, once I get the camera hooked up.

Kurt is on call tonight, and I've just been bumming around. I did fix potato soup in the crockpot (see recipe at the June Cleaver website!), and took my evening shower...how exciting. I did have slight trauma when the DVR froze and I think cut off a portion of the movie I was recording....but I'll find a solution to this tragedy, I'm sure :)

I observed again at work today from 8-noon. Tomorrow is my first FULL day, AND I'm by myself! AGGGHHH! I'm nervous. I mean, I feel like I've paid attention while observing, and I even took notes, but Pam (the other receptionist, who is in her 50s and ADORABLE) asked to see my wedding pictures, which led to a Facebook log-on, which led to us killing significant time viewing profiles, etc. I'm glad I work with cool people. Dr. M walked in and said "Wedding pictures?" and then walked away shaking his head and laughing. I mean, a lot of bosses would give me a lecture on internet use. But Pam started it. :) So say a little prayer for me tomorrow as I start, if you think about it.

Last night Kurt and I were looking at real estate online. We sometimes do this for fun, just to compare markets, and look at what's out there. And last night....I found the most amazing mid-century ranch home. We're talking....AUTHENTIC, 1950s/60s architecture. Absolutely stunning.

But.....the people who currently own the house committed the biggest crime EVER in my opinion. They put a hodge-podge of different types of furniture (as in...Victorian and French antiques) in a MID-CENTURY HOME.

People. You MUST furnish according to house-type. If you have a Bungelow, go all out in the Arts and Crafts style. If you have a Cape Cod, lean on the traditional side. If you have a mansion from 1904, do some tasteful Victorian. And...if you have a beautiful, stunning, AUTHENTIC ranch home, DO NOT renovate to make it look like the McMansions America loves in 2007. Can you tell this is a big deal to me? I'm an architecture buff. When Kurt was looking at the interior pictures of this home, I could tell that he wasn't extremely knocked over. But I pointed out the authentic stone, the carved screen in the entry, the split-level, the paneling....if I could just decorate it and renovate it correctly, it would be a masterpiece. I'll prove my point.

See what I mean? It just needs someone who loves it. :( And did you notice the obnoxious black vanity they used in the bathroom renovation? It makes me so sad. I am praying for a really awesome, unique house. Life is too short....and I'm too artsy and eclectic....to have a cookie cutter house.


Tommy, Suzanne, and Mary Peyton said...

so glad you posted again! i've missed reading! and i need the info for the june cleaver stuff - e-mail me at smsrdh@hotmail.com

glad y'all had a good trip - did you get my text sunday morning?

off to look at annie tickets!!!

demetria said...

the class is only $30/month and is worth that and MORE!!!It's at 9am on M, W, F, and Sat and at 5:45pm on M, Tu, and Th nights. let me know if you wanna check it out. again -- not because i think you need to -- just for fun!

Andrea said...

Ashley...I love your interest in Interior Design! We could have long chats cause that is a favorite of mine too. I can't wait till you move into your dream home. I hope you are still blogging then so we can see pics! ;)

Ro said...

I think your comments are funny, and I think you need to help me understand better what needs to happen with our house...I want it to be updated, but don't want it to be so "cookie cutter" like so many of the houses are today. I like some of the elements...don't get me wrong, but I don't want to take way from the original style of the house...I want to improve it, not ruin it!

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