February 7, 2008

Annie Moments and Enjoying my Home

We had a great time at Annie last night! However, there were a few funny experiences:

-I decided to go to the restroom before the show, so I could avoid going at intermission with the rest of the masses. I went at 7:23 (the show started at 7:30). When I arrived at said restroom, there was a long line. Then, over time, I we all figured out that ONE out of the FOUR stalls was working. Seriously? So the show was about to start, and I am all but shoved into the ONE stall so that everyone behind me doesn't miss any more of the show (the overture had started by now). So then, with all the pressure to go quickly, the still silence, and the audience, I just couldn't go. My body just wouldn't work. So, I just walked right back out of the stall, after waiting in line in vain. I ended up going to the restroom during the song RIGHT before intermission. Success. When I left the restroom, there was a line a mile long behind me :)

-It was a SUANA in Thalia Mara. I mean it had to be 85 degrees in there. Yes, it was chilly outside, but does it have to be STIFLING? At one point I looked over at Tommy and Kurt. Kurt was trying to focus but was sweating terribly, and Tommy was fanning himself and just staring down at the ground. Hilarious.

-Suzanne's phone started ringing---LOUDLY---at an inopportune time, and got me tickled. She couldn't get her phone to stop, and I couldn't stop laughing.

Those are a few of the highlights :) Today I went to lunch with Dad and now I'm home doing laundry and trying to clean up around the house. But sitting in a rocking chair with my wonderful book is so tempting. And my DVR is just waiting for me with some wonderful movies. Ugh. I think I'm going to work really hard for an hour and then reward myself :) So this day isn't too terribly exciting but being home in and of itself is exciting to me. I had lunch with my friend Rebecca (rebeccaharmon.blogspot.com) yesterday at MC in Clinton, and it was great to see her. However, I know I don't belong there anymore. It's just a nice, peaceful feeling.

Well I'm off to work so I can look forward to some sitting time :) Happy day!


Liv said...

Sara Groves is the 28th at 8. It's free.

R Harmon said...

Aww! You talked about me and added me to the fun blogs on the side! That makes me so happy! I need blogging help, I think. Maybe you can give me some pointers.

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