February 29, 2008

Cleaning, Errands, Cleaning....

Hi friends...
Today has been productive! I cleaned at mom and dad's this morning until everything was spic and span. I love doing this for my mom...it makes me happy to help her. Dad and I had a yummy lunch at Olive Garden. OG is one of my FAVES because of the environment/music. I know it's a chain, but they play Dean Martin, people! And they string pretty lights from the ceiling. All in all, a very happy place. Also a very fattening place. My weight loss goal is just not happening. HELP.

Dad and I ran some errands at Pet Smart and then Lifeway. I could spend hours in Lifeway. Today we were only there to get a birthday card for someone, but I need to go there more often. I find it very soothing. It's kind of like the Christian version of Barnes and Noble. Speaking OF....the new Taj Mahal of Barnes and Nobles is opening in Ridgeland next week! THRILL! It looks absolutely huge. However, I know I need to develop my library skills as opposed to buying every book I want. I have spent a pretty penny at B&N. Oh well....reading is a healthy addiction!

Now I'm back at Chateau Lancaster and cleaning AGAIN. I might have mentioned earlier that my friend from Mississippi College, Rebecca, is coming to visit tomorrow! I'm picking her up in Clinton and hanging out at my house. Then we're doing dinner and a movie---The Other Boleyn Girl! FINALLY!!!! I am so beyond excited. I really hope they do the book justice. I know this hardly ever happens, and for readers like myself, this is always disappointing. However, just seeing a great book come to life is exciting. :)

Well I'm off to be Happy Housewife while I clean...and straighten...and dust....


1 comment:

Andrea said...

Hey Ashley,

How was the movie? I almost went to see that, but my friend and I decided not to. She had read the book and couldn't believe the movie wasn't rated R. I just wanted to get your honest review! I did see 'Juno'. It was so good. I really enjoyed it! Have a good night!

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