February 10, 2008

I'm Quirky...and Weekend Update

I've seen lots of people do a "quirky" post, so here goes:

1. When I was in late elementary, early junior high, I was absolutely obsessed with Prince William. I was convinced that I would somehow get to England, get him to notice me, and he'd propose. No I'm not kidding.

2. On that same note, I used to read Prince William fan fiction on the internet religiously. Now that I think about it, this was the earliest form of blogging, because everyday people would write made-up stories about the royals and everyone else in the world would read the stories. Funny.

3. When I'm in bed and I'm thinking before I go to sleep, I move my feet back and forth, almost like wiggling. It's soothing to me for some reason.

4. I am really weird about food texture. I hate things that are soggy or mushy. I only mix certain foods together, and I am the only one who can mix my food. For instance, I hate it when someone serves me a plate that has baked beans running into my hamburger. EW. But I will mix green beans and mashed potatoes together in one bite. I'm so weird.

5. I am a late night thinker/doer. I used to beat myself up about this because I thought it made me look lazy, but I've accepted that some people are truly wired to be late night people. I don't do this extremely often, but if I'm not going to work the next morning or if Kurt's on call....I can stay up till the wee hours.

6. I HATE when complete strangers call me "Hon" or "Sweetie." It just bothers me, and it sounds degrading.

7. I despise incorrect grammar and severe accents. I'm not psycho about it, but it just grates on me. Oh, and I also dislike when people type things without their proper ending. For example: "Doin" "Goin" "Lovin" "Travelin".... UGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH
However, I recognize that I'm in the south and I need to get used to it. But man does it bother me.

8. In a similar fashion, I think I hate even more when people don't get "There" "Their" and "They're" correct. If I need to do a post explaining the usage, I will. It's really not hard.

9. I only like dry or sarcastic humor. I think physical or obvious comedy is stupid. I like witty and clever movies/people/shows. As in, you have to have a developed sense of humor to watch them. Like The Office. Genius.

10. When people sit near me and make little noises like crinkling paper, chewing ice, or tapping a pen, it drives me insane and I can't focus. And I don't think that makes me A.D.D., I think it makes the other people ignorant/immature/rude.

I could go on, but I think that's enough quirks for one evening. I'm probably annoying people.

On Saturday Kurt and I went to see the movie Atonement. Yes, it's rated R. I'll give everyone 5 seconds to judge me.


Okay, now let me explain. It was an incredible film. The only reason we went is because I read the questionable content online beforehand. There was one really bad word at the beginning of the movie that granted the rating, and there were lots of war scenes. But it had gotten some Oscar buzz, and I made the judgement call that it would be okay to go. Just for the record, it's the only rated R movie I've ever seen in the theatre.

But the point is, Kurt and I got dressed up for our date and the movie was just tremendous. It had me thinking long after about life, etc. It caused us to talk in the car about how much we love and appreciate each other. Afterwards, Kurt surprised me by suggesting we go to Sonic so I could get a cherry limeade! It was so exciting, and when he suggested that it really did feel like a date. Overall, it was a wonderful Saturday.

I work tomorrow and Tuesday as usual....I don't dread work but I doubt there's anyone out there who really ENJOYS going. Or maybe I'm just a severe homebody. Anyway, Valentine's is this week....my first as a married person....and I think I'll be getting some surprises! I have not let Kurt say a word about Valentines. I want to be totally surprised!

I hope everyone has a great beginning of the week :)


Christy said...

I LOVE Cherry Limeades.

I also don't think you have to explain the rated R thing. I have seen SEVERAL rated R movies and to be honest, could care less what people think. The movies were not sleazy or trashy-they were just "real". That to me is what is important.

BUt I will get off my soapbox now;)

I enjoyed reading your quirks!

Junebug said...

Well, you prolly hate readin what I write, cause on the blog, I usually type zactly how I speak. Seems humorous to me, tho. :-)

Also, as a preacher kid, I was nevah allowed to see Rated R movies. Course, now, I do whatevah I choose...so I do NOT judge you. Not in those first 5 seconds, anyway. :-)

winstead family said...

quirk #10. i am the SAME way! although, yesterday i was wondering if my constant sniffling was driving you crazy!! ha!

Andrea said...

Hey Ashley! No judging here! I think you explained yourself really well. I don't go to many R rated movies ( simply because MOST are complete trash) however that is one that I would definitely see. I love anything British or historical like that! I am glad you had a fun date night! :)

Tiffany said...

Well sorry to say I'm guilty of #6, but not with strangers. In my defense, it is in no way meant to be degrading. It's a southern term of endearment. It's used to make you feel welcome, at home, or part of the family- sort of speak.

Ashley said...

Haha Tiffany!
For some reason it's different coming from YOU! :)

Liv said...

Wanna post something for me? Something about dislike of school, wanting to sleep WAY in, trying not to gorge on fried rice, moving back home and how fabulous your hair looks. Make it funny and keep it light ;o)

demetria said...

you are SO completely HILARIOUS!!! you really are. i could have written quite a few of those myself -- except for the sweetie one. i agree w/tiff there. it's just kinda (i mean kind of - heehee) a southern hospitality thingie (i mean thing -- uh, term, rather)

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