February 8, 2008

It Actually Happened

Yes, with my friend Liv's help, I did it.

I put COLOR on my hair!!!!

It's a huge deal for me. I have always loved my hair color, and swore I wouldn't color until I have to cover gray. However, I love the natural red that is in my hair, and I wanted a little more of it. So Liv and I were in Walgreens today and started browsing THE aisle. I finally found a box that said "semi-permanent" (the word permanent scares me), and bought a light auburn color. It's very subtle and not too dramatic, which is what I wanted. I always hate when people walk into a building and you immediately think "DYE JOB." But I'm easing into a stronger red, because it suits my skin coloring really well. So, in short, I didn't make a drastic change...I'm just playing up the natural colors that I love in my hair. Fun, huh?! I bet no one will even notice unless they look closely....but I notice a difference and love it! Liv wants to meet up next week and go stronger....I might actually be all for it! While I'm waiting for it to grow out, I need something to do with it to keep me from getting too bored. When I get bored, I tend to get trendy shorter haircuts, and they DO NOT work for me. If you've forgotten, please read my post about my new amazing stylist, Morgan. He's a doll. I actually saw him today because Liv went to go see him for the first time at my recommendation.

Well, Kurt and I are off for a really romantic date. Drumroll, please....WALMART. Boo. What a drag. You really know you're married when quality time is a Walmart trip together. And tomorrow is more togetherness....CLEANING. But I think we will go to a movie tomorrow p.m. to reward ourselves.

Everyone have a lovely evening!


Liv said...

YEA!!! I still can't get over how beautimous it turned out!

Christy said...

Just wait, once you have kids Walmart is the most romantic place on earth ;)

Heather said...

My mom and dad go on Walmart dates all the time!

winstead family said...

i LOVED your hair color! wayyy cute! oh. and loved the lipstick too! :)

Brittany said...

Wal Mart dates are fun! Aaron and I used to go to Sams and walk around, then get an icee and pizza... those were so much fun

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