February 17, 2008


I really don't have anything important to say....so I really don't even know why I'm posting. But I decided to do my evening internet activities. Kurt is at the hospital (boo). I can't even enjoy a "night owl" night, because I have to work tomorrow. However, I think Kurt can meet me for lunch since he'll be post-call tomorrow. :)

I started watching the "Masterpiece Theatre" version of Jane Eyre today. I got the first disk in the mail from Netflix recently and tonight I got enthralled. I haven't ever read the book before, but I can tell that doom is approaching. I'm just preparing myself. But there's something about BBC productions of classic novels that I just love. So I can't wait to get disk 2 in the mail in the next few days!

Let's see, what else is new....

When I was in a movie on Saturday night, I came to a really deep conclusion: I rarely see any actresses in movies wearing under-eye makeup. Seriously! Katherine Heigl doesn't, the actress in "Definitely, Maybe" didn't...and there's more. But when I try to do eyeliner and mascara on just my top lashes, I look like I am barely functioning. This is such a ridiculous thing to blog about, but that's what I discovered in the movie on Saturday. That, and I HATE adolescents. Go to my friend Christy's blog for her recent story. (lauragracesblog.blogspot.com)

I'll list a little reason why I love Kurt so much :) Like I posted a few days ago, on Valentine's Day, he got me a box of chocolates from Godiva. When I woke up and saw the box next to the bed, I was really excited, but then I secretly thought, "Uh oh. What if it's the random assortment that has coconut crap and funky fillings in them?" (Note: I hate chocolates like that. Just give me the yummy, basic chocolate, with occasional caramel.) When Kurt got home on Valentine's evening, I was raving over how he remembered to get me a DARK chocolate assortment and how sweet it was. Then he said, "Well, I really looked carefully and asked them what kind were in the assortment, because I know you hate weird fillings and stuff."


That's the kind of thoughtful guy I married, and I'm so glad!

By the way, "The Other Boleyn Girl" movie is coming out February 29!!!!!! I am about a fourth of the way through the book, and it is fantastic. I literally feel like I'm at court in Tudor-period England. The author is just wonderful. I hope the movie isn't disappointing, but I've seen the trailers, and I'm SO pumped. So if you're remotely interested in what I've been talking about with this period in history, go see this movie (or ask me to go and I WILL!). I think you'll be surprised at how fascinating this period is. www.theotherboleyngirlmovie.com

Well, I'm off to read in bed. Right now, King Henry is shifting his interest from Mary Boleyn to Anne. Critical point in the plot! Everyone have a great day tomorrow....I'll be working, so leave me a comment and say hello. Bon soir :)


Christy said...

I have the same eye makeup dilemma...I can never decide how much to wear, where to wear it, what color to wear.

Clay says I am schizophrenic when it comes to my makeup because I am forever changing it.

I OWN the Jane Eyre movie that you are referring to so if you don't want to wait for the second disc I will gladly let you borrow it!

Heather said...

If you like Jane Erye let me know. PBS has been showing several new versions of some Jane Austen movies. I have recorded them onto the computer and plan on putting them onto DVD to watch one of these days when I get some time! If you want I can send them your way to watch.

Rebecca said...

I'm reading The Other Boleyn Girl too! It sounds like we're about in the same part of the book. So if you need someone to see the movie with you, I would LOVE to go!! I'm getting really excited about the book and the previews for the movie look SO good! I hope you're having a good day at work.

winstead family said...

you should have been a history teacher or something. i've never even HEARD of all of these people you talk about, but i'm intrigued, i must admit! i saw the preview for the movie the other day, and it looks really GOOD!

demetria said...

too funny---i HATE assorted, filled chocolates, too . they are SOO YUCK!!!!
and. . . i hardly ever wear under eye makeup.(funny since most days i wear NO makeup) but i mean, when i do put makeup on. . . . alot of times i use no UNDER eye makeup. it looks fresh and not busy. i bet it would look great on you. i think you just have to use the right mascara. i have a great new one.

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