February 5, 2008

Some Thoughts :)

I'm at work again today...it's been a good day but the bookkeeping has me stumped for the first time! I'm off $20. Ugh! I've looked and looked at it, and finally Lisa, one of the other ladies that works in the office on occasion, told me to STOP! Haha....my perfectionism was coming out, and she said she'd handle it tomorrow. I HATE leaving things unfinished, especially at work, but I think I'll let this one go. This will probably turn out to be a really random post.

I still haven't picked out my wedding album pictures. Is that bad? I just can't seem to sit down and sort through thousands of pictures and choose this many 5x7's, that many 8x10's...you get the idea. Plus, not only am I choosing from the wedding day pictures, but my portrait session as well. Help! But I think that someday this week might be the day. Tomorrow I'm going to Target to develop the California trip pictures for my grandparents, I'm having lunch in Clinton with one of my interior design buddies, and then....drumroll, please....Kurt and I are going to see ANNIE with Tommy and Suzanne! We are really excited. We haven't made it to ANY of this season's shows, so it's great to be going. It's a hard knock life! Friday I'm cleaning for mom, then eating with her at JA for a little treat. She's awesome at what she does, that's for sure.

Kurt and I were watching "Ultimate Bedrooms for Romance" on HGTV last night. Don't freak out, it was purely a decorating show. But I made an interesting observation. Usually, we often see that couples who have a lot of money are unhappy in their marriage. Either she was a gold digger or he wanted a trophy wife....or both. However, on the show it was showing these opulant, extravagant homes, and every couple interviewed seemed genuinely delighted to be together. (And I'm a good judge of when people are faking affection for appearances.) One older man said "I am just delighted to be with her. I tell her I love her countless times a day." Every couple hugged, laughed, and seemed so in love (and all were middle-aged or older).

Then I made the connection. Sure, these couples had a lot of money to make their homes amazing. But they all took special care to make their bedroom a significant place. They all talked about "my wife really wanted this" and "my husband has always loved this" and they made it happen for the other person to make them feel special.

My point is this. The Lord is obviously the sole source of fulfillment and joy in a marriage, but selflessness is also a key factor. Remembering why you fell in love with someone makes it a little harder to be frustrated with them. For some reason, when I watched this TV show I was really impressed that along with worldly and monetary success, these couples had (and have) success in their significant relationship. For some reason, something tells me that these couples would be just as happy in American suburbia, in a 4 bedroom, 3 bath 2500 square foot house.

That's impressive.


Christy said...

Very, very true. When Clay and I first got married we were still carried on the honeymoon high for quite awhile. It took about a year for the reality to set in that the other person would sometimes want different things, need something other than what you needed and it would require selflessness to make the marriage work. That is SO hard sometimes! It is so hard to put aside what I want and sometimes just serve him. Clay is much better than I am at that!! He is so selfless and shows me that everyday.
It is so much fun to go through life this way! It is fun to decorate together, to raise children together and flat out LIVE. I know so many couples who are SO unhappy because neither one are willing to let their spouse be number one.

demetria said...

this is really a wise post, ashley, and this attitude you have wull serve you well in your marriage!! it's so had to go against our sin nature and be selfless for our spouse (and kids too) but God makes it so much more rewarding for us when we do act that way.

demetria said...

note: change wull to WELL
and had to HARD

i take pride in my ability to spell -- although it's not demonstrated very well in the previous comment :)

Tommy, Suzanne, and Mary Peyton said...



R Harmon said...

Found you! Love your blog!

Mrs. A said...

nice connection. I think selflessness is a large part of a happy marriage and I enjoy your Christian view on things. Keep up the great blog.

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