March 25, 2008

Being a Mommy, TV Update, and Losing Weight

Here are just a few of my thoughts today:

-My friend Katrice has written on her blog about the show "Secret Life of a Soccer Mom" where they take a woman who quit her career to be with her kids, and let her try that career again for a week. K asked what all of her "mom" readers would be doing if they could do it for a week. Another friend of mine, Kearsmom (that's her nickname, not her real name!), like Katrice, wrote that she literally has been called to be a mom her whole life.

This is totally me! I know some people think that's so 1952, but maybe it's because my mom stayed home with us. I have incredible memories of her reading to me, going to the library, cooking, watching Disney things with me, playing Barbies, getting slushies, walking around the mall, going to the grocery store (we had an awesome grocery store in Oklahoma that had little singing characters at each area)....the list goes on and on!

When I was in elementary school, someone came to our class to talk about careers. She went around the room and asked us what we wanted to be when we grew up, and I said "A Mommy." And that woman looked at me and said, "No, honey. I'm talking about real jobs."

UGGHH! Even at that young age, I was so offended and wanted to defend my mother so badly. I really have never wavered from my desire to stay at home with my kids and take care of Kurt. It's just something that I don't dread doing. Which leads to another issue...when is it right to start having kids? Everyone and their dog says "Wait, wait, wait!!!" And I understand that Kurt and I need this time. I'm not naive. I just never want to be such a control freak about MY schedule and MY timing and MY plan that I miss what God wants to do. You know?

Sure, if I weren't called to be a mother there are a lot of things that I would like to do. Namely, entertain. I think I've mentioned before that I was in Orlando and about to audition for Disney entertainment (at DisneyWorld), but opted out because I didn't feel a 100% peace. My dream job is performing on Broadway. More realistically, I think I would enjoy photography. I love taking candids of people and catching them just as they are.

But anyway, I just know personally that my calling is to raise my kids. I know that it's the most challenging job out there, but spending all of my time with a little person who is half me and half Kurt is what I'm supposed to do :)

-Secondly, Katrice was writing about the show "I Can Make You Thin." Basically, it's just a guy giving simple tips to lose the weight. In my own health/weight situation, I have decided not to do auto-delivery for my NutriSystem like I had planned. Note: I am NOT a quitter!!!! I just think that the money I was going to spend on NS is needed somewhere else, and being a good steward is important to me. But let me say: in the few weeks that I've been on NS, I've learned a lot about portions, calories, protein, fiber, etc. Very valuable info! So what I'm going to do is take what I've learned, use the NS food that I have left here and there, and make adjustments in my regular diet. Also, having joined the gym, I think that will make a difference. I am definitely interested in using the TV guy's tips, though. They are very practical! If you want to see what Katrice wrote, click on "The Hadleys" in the left menu of my blog.

-Finally, I thoroughly enjoyed television last night. DWTS was great---some people are really awkward to watch, but others are so great. I feel sorry for Julianne Hough (my favorite pro dancer) because I can tell she won't be in it long with Adam Corolla for a partner. Her brother, Derek (who dances with Shannon) has better chances of staying. And he is one of my personal favorites....Priscilla continues to impress me! I'm predicting Kristi Yamaguchi to win. There's a lot I could say about all the dancers but I'll spare you. The Bachelor didn't disappoint either!! I was surprised that he let Erin (the dark haird pretty one) go, but NOT surprised that he let the red-headed clarinet player go. And she sang to him in this episode. Ironically, another girl sang to him on this episode and got cut too. Apparently Matt thought the singing was just as awkward as we, the viewers, did. Jon and Kate Plus 8 was fabulous, as usual. But Kurt is thinking of banning it, because it gives me a baby itch. I just see those little faces and can't stnad it :) But don't worry, I'm not pregnant and don't plan to be anytime soon. So everyone can save their "WAIT WAIT WAIT!!" comments :)

So Motherhood, Reality TV and Weight/Health were the topics for today :) I'm at work and it's going pretty well. Dad has staff meeting but he's going to try to meet me for lunch. I told him to tell the staff that they need to keep it QUICK--ha! We'll see how that goes. Hope everyone has a great day!


Kristal said...

I'm actually not gonna tell you to wait...I say go for it! ;) Seriously, who cares what everyone else says?? In June, you and Kurt will have been married for one year. You've had the chance to begin a routine with each other, and I think if you are ready to add a child to that routine, then you should!

At the same time, if you want to wait for awhile, maybe until Kurt is done with his residence, then that is absolutely what you should do.

My point is just that you should do what you and Kurt want. ;)

Katrice said...

You can come and watch Jon and Kate plus 8 with me! I am not one of those that would tell you to wait! (Only because I have my own story but that's for another time and place)!ha!

Kearsmom said...

Sweet words. Sweet memories.

Good luck on lunch! haha

staff meeting...quick....hmmm....

Carrie and David said...

You know I'm not going to say wait! Everyone told us that too... we did wait - one year! I truly feel that being a mother is my calling too, so I figure why wait? I understand though, that sometimes there are good reasons for waiting. I think every couple has to pray about it, and do what's best for them. There isn't a formula that's right for everyone.

Besides, since I'm going to be a young mom, I figure that will just give us time to enjoy being empty nesters. We can travel and do the things we didn't get to do before we had kids. So it all evens out ;)

Ashley said...

Very nice thinking about empty nesting, Carrie! That's a new one!

Andrea said...


You know, only you and Kurt can decide what is right for the two of you. There is NEVER going to be the perfect time to have a baby....seriously there will always be something....finances, house is too small, job too busy, etc etc. I think you just have to pray about it and make that decision as a couple and go with what you feel a peace about. Truly, in the end no matter what... it is God's decision when you will conceive. Greg and I waited 3 years to have babies and I don't regret that at all....BUT I totally remember having the baby itch and thinking we should try sooner! Blessings on whatever you decide!!! ;) I can tell you are going to be a SUPER FUN mommy! ;)

Christy said...

Well...about the waiting thing...every single time me and Clay set a time period that we want to get pg I get pregnant within TWO WEEKS-no matter that our time period was months down the road!!
My heart is to be a mom as well. i have enjoyed teaching my preschoolers this year but that time is coming to a close and I am so glad. I know without a shadown of a doubt that I am meant to be a mom and that is it. I so applaud you for feeling the same way. children are a beautiful, wonderful gift why on earth would anyone want to not enjoy the short time we have them? Laura Grace is getting so big and it makes my heart ache knowing that as every day passes she is growing into her own person and just that much more away from me. Overprotective, I know!!

I think you are also doing the right thing with NS. The only way you will be able to keep wieght off is if you make a lifestyle change that you can stick with. NS is a great booster, but as a lifestyle that would be an awful way to eat LOL

winstead family said...

well i am definitely not going to say wait wait wait. shan and i were married all of 7 months and 9 months after that came cole! we were not trying, but not NOT trying! and i wouldn't change a second of it. yes, it was hard. yes it was worth it! :) yall will know when the time is right!

Tommy, Suzanne, and Mary Peyton said...

i think you'd be a great mom!!!

i've got to call you.....

oh - and the cake is fine. it'll be cute!

Mrs. Langhans said...

I got pregnant on my honeymoon and my daughter is now 2 weeks and 2 days old. I will be married for one year in July. So lets just say...sometimes God's plan is different than our own. I wouldnt change one single thing about having a baby so soon. She is my dream come true and has already taught me and my husband so many beautiful life lessons. If you feel God calling you into the joys of motherhood, then He is the ONLY one you should listen to ;) and everything else will fall into place!

Tiffany said...

Well, I had this whole plan in my head of how I wanted at least 5 years alone w/ Hugh, before having children. (We dated for 5 yrs. before getting married- and I wanted five yrs. w/ him all to myself, before we entered the next phase of our life together, building and growing our family.) Hugh was in total agreement. He wanted to be able to enjoy our children w/ out the added stresses of medical school. He knew that with finances being so very tight, his schedule changing every month, and boards and other studies, he wanted to wait. I think it's very important for you to be in agreement. I will say that sometimes the Lord has "other plans." Trey was born 3 months shy of our 5th anniversary. We were using a "barrier method" of protection w/ both conceptions of our children. So God will do what He will. When God decideds you're going to have a baby- you are going to have a baby! His plan is perfect- and I know now- why He gave us Trey and Anna Grace early. I told my mom the day she died that I was scared that the Lord was giving me a baby earlier than we planned because He might take Hugh from me. (It sounds weird, but I knew He was preparing me for something hard, and we thought Hugh was going to have to have surgery in a couple months.) It was the same feeling I got the week before my daddy passed. I just didn't know that what He was preparing me for was losing my mom, not Hugh. Trey came at the perfect time, b/c he saved me from falling apart. And Anna Grace has been such a healing for me. God knows best- and I am so grateful for that. I will say that as far as motherhood goes...NOTHING in my life has ever been so fulfilling or brought me so much joy. However, nothing has ever made me feel so over whelmed and inadequate at times. It's not the idealistic dream we have in our heads, but the reality is far better with all it's joys, sorrows and mishaps along the way. Just pray and trust your husband and in the Lord. It will come- in His perfect time!

demetria said...

well. tiff just pretty much said it all, i think :0)

i will say that kevin and i planned to wait until we were financially able for me to stay home with our children. that gave us almost 5 wonderful, CAREFREE years before we had kids -- and i really treasure that time now. but, being a mom is the most rewarding, fulfilling thing that i have EVER been blessed with being.

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