March 7, 2008

Jump Start to a New Me

Well, I actually have some news for a change! Instead of just writing my opinion on books, movies, conservative politics, or boring people with my everyday life, I've made a decision.

I have been displeased with how I've gained weight over the last few months. A lot of people say to me, "Oh please, you have nothing to worry about" or "That's just ridiculous!" Well, to me it's not ridiculous. I read somewhere that everyone has weight/body issues, and when you become severely unhappy or inhibited because of your body image, it's time to really work on it.

Well, I'm there.

I have decided to use NutriSystem for the next few months. My mom used this system for awhile and feels great now (she's always been beautiful to me!). I've worked out in my head how I'm going to pay for it (and I realized I can still actually save for us to travel, too!), and this is something I'm really committed to.

I've never been unhappy with my weight before. In high school, I was always that girl who could eat anything and not worry. Well, lately it's just been accumulating, and a lot of it has been out of my control (medication, etc.). However, I've decided to make changes and really get in shape and healthy. It may seem extreme to some to have food delivered to my house, but I know my tendencies. I need a PLAN that doesn't just rely on my strength and discipline alone. It'll kind of be like having a chef that knows just the right portions for me (although I'm not kidding myself: Wolfgang Puck isn't exactly cooking for NutriSystem right now...). I need something convenient, and in conjuction with exercise, I feel really optimistic about the results.

I know this may be a weird post to some, but one of my resolutions was my health/weight. Kurt is behind me 100%, and I just don't want to look in the mirror in horror while trying on bathing suits again. Just keeping it real, people! I appreciate your support and encouragement, as always :)

Oh, and if I don't end up looking like this, I'm asking for my money back. :)


JayandKimberly said...

hey beautiful. i know how personal and real of an issue this is so if you EVER need encouragment with feeling blah...i have been there, and still go there so just call me :)

winstead family said...

i would love to know how this system works for you! i've done weight watchers before, and now i'm on a huge exercise kick. i'm waiting on the results. only problem is, my appetite has increased so i'm pretty much counteracting the exercise! ugh!

btw. she makes me sick! :)

Katrice said...

I WANT TO SIGN UP! Not kidding....been reading up on it!

Andrea said...


I think you look great. BUT...I understand. If I say anything about my weight or how I *feel* people jump on me!!! EVERYONE has body issues no matter how big or small. I hope you have great success with Nutri system. My MIL did that for awhile and she lost weight....the only thing is when you go back to regular meals. She gained it all back. Email me if you want more info. That is probably just her case though. I wish we could start a "healthy meals" post on the June Cleaver thread. I am always searching to cook healthier. Have you ever tried recipes from 'Cooking Light'?

Christy said...

Good Luck! i have a friend who did it and she wasn't crazy about the way the meals tasted but said they weren't horrible. And it worked for her! She did gain ten of the pounds back when she went off their meal plan but kept off ten or fifteen through exercise.

I completely understand about body image and wieght. I know that I am not fat BUT I am not anywhere near as thin as I usually am and that really bothers me. I agree with Andrea that we should start a Healthy Meals post in the June Cleaver blog...I love to cook but it is so hard to find meals that are healthy AND have normal ingredients that are affordable and that you can find!

Carrie and David said...

I totally understand how you feel. I hate it when you know you've gained weight, and other people insist that you haven't. I mean, how can someone else know more about your body than you do? You'll have to let me know how it goes. I'll be needing some help after the baby is born, that's for sure! :)

Tiffany said...

I think that living a healthy lifestyle and having more energy is always a good thing. Lokking good is an extra bonus. I don't know anything about NutriSystem, but I love Weight Watchers! Love it! Hugh and I keep asking ourselves why we never tried this before- it's so easy. (We've done Low Carb- Adkins/South Beach and even Body for Life, but we've never seen the results like this) I feel like it's helping me make lifestyle changes- and I don't feel like I'm on a diet. Anyway, good luck and lets us know how you like it.

demetria said...

i say good for you, ashley, for doing something for yourself if it makes you feel more comfortable in your own skin. of course, i think you look great, too, but you are the one who decides how you feel on the inside. and i totally know how you feel b/c i used to be able to eat whatever, but not anymore. as a matter of fact, ask me about it in lifegroup and i'll tell you what i'm doing about it now.

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