March 15, 2008

A Plethora of Topics

For some reason, I have much to say today! So, here I go.

-I'm going to go out on a big limb here, and probably offend a few people. But I'll say it anyway: Environmental freaks annoy me. I know this is shocking to some, but there are things that I am WAY more passionate about than the environment. And I'm also irritated. We are all aware that gas prices are absolutely horrendous. And a certain political party is pushing their agenda for using "alternative fuel." And let me go on record as saying, when alternative to fuel is available, I will readily use it. Seriously! I really wouldn't mind. But in the meantime, we are absolutely sending ourselves into economic decline by having to shell out tons of bucks for gas. Here's my thing: while researchers are developing this new fuel, we need to drill here in the U.S. in some isolated locations for our own resources that are available, and set up one or two refineries. But this certain political party FREAKS OUT at the thought of endangering animals by drilling. People, please. I am an animal lover. I love the movie Bambi. I don't like the sport of hunting, but I understand that it has to go on to some degree to keep population under control. But can we not work for the greater good, here? If we just tapped into our own resources until we have that alternative, it would help so much. To end this segment of my post, I will give you the most annoying thing I've EVER read on the topic, as quoted in Glamour magazine:
"Double-side and single-space while typing. You'll use 75% less paper. 'If everyone did this, we'd save about 6 million trees a year,' says Tamara Krinsky, an actress who is challenging Microsoft to change its default margin settings from 1 inch to 3/4inch. Sign her petition at
When I see an actress or actor in Hollywood be passionate about pro-life issues, then we'll talk about changing my stupid typing margins.

-On a reality TV note, I am WAY excited about the Bachelor and Dancing With The Stars coming on! I'm not entirely keen on the new DWTS cast, so I have yet to decide who I will cheer for. The Bachelor is just downright entertaining, and I love every minute of it. Is it over the top and sometimes cheesy? Yes. Do I look forward to it every week? YES! An added bonus: He's a Brit! My second home! Also, thank the Lord that David-the-male-stripper-Hernandez is off Idol. About TIME.

-These are the books I'm currently reading: "The Boleyn Inheritance," the book written after "The Other Boleyn Girl"; "Once Upon a Time," the biography of Grace Kelly; and "Walt Disney--The Power of the American Imagination," his biography. Excellent reading!

-Instead of watching Sophie's Choice last night, we watched the Godfather for the first time. I was actually impressed. It took me awhile to get into it, but Kurt loved it from the very beginning. Mafia/Mob culture is interesting!

-Okay, people. After much thought and deliberation, I have decided that I will announce some of my very favorite movies, with their respective category. I urge you to check all of these out, if you haven't! And the winners are:
OLD MOVIE: The Court Jester
HISTORICAL: Anne of the Thousand Days (story of Anne Boleyn..not completely accurate, but it's very well done)
MUSICAL: Seven Brides for Seven Brothers
OLD HOLIDAY: Holiday Inn and White Christmas (I would have married Bing Crosby)
LIVE-ACTION DISNEY: The One and Only Genuine Original Family Band & Happiest Millionaire (John Davidson and Lesley Ann Warren together is magical in these two)
QUIRKY/INDIE: Elizabethtown
90'S CLASSICS: Sleepless in Seattle and While You Were Sleeping (Sleep was the theme)
MODERN MOVIE MUSICAL: Phantom of the Opera and Hairspray
DRAMA: Atonement, Matchpoint, A Place in the Sun
NEW HOLIDAY: The Holiday
DORIS DAY: By the Light of the Silvery Moon, Pillow Talk
AUDREY HEPBURN: My Fair Lady (surprisingly, not Breakfast at Tiffany's...)
80'S CLASSIC: Breakfast Club (this movie made me cry)

That's my list so far! Let me know what your thoughts are...I'm sure this post has something in it for everyone :)


Heather said...

I like your movie list and some of them gave me the idea to hunt down some of our old VHS tapes and find the movies. The main one being The One and ONly Genuine Original Family Band. I did not think anyone had ever seen that one before. Love it.

I also like both of your Old Holiday movies. They are both watched at my house during the holidays and usally at least one of them help start the holiday time out on Thanksgiving.

And last but not least... Your musical. We have this one on DVD at my house now because we wore out the VHS! And we (my parents and us older three girls) can sing all the words to every song without the help of sing-a-long words on the screen.

I am also going to look at some of your other movies I have seen a good nu,ber of them but there are some I have not seen.

Anonymous said...

I also love the Happiest Millionaire! I haven't seen that since I was a little girl. I am anxious to see Atonement and Juno.
Any suggestions on good fiction books? Like Chic fiction? I have read Kristen Billerbeck's books and have loved them.
I love the Bachelor too and can't wait for the Bachelorette with DeAnna! The cast for DWTS was a little disappointing but I'm sure it will still be good. I'm curious to see how well Priscilla Presley does.

Kristal said...

I'm not sure I understand what is so "annoying" about people who care for the environment. Thanks to people who actually put the effort forth to live sustainably, we can somewhat support those that think it's no big deal to drive around in their gas-guzzling SUV's. Making small changes makes a huge difference, and I think it's sad to see people blow off suggestions like that, just because they don't see eye to eye on other, completely unrelated issues.

Anonymous said...

Actually gas prices have only gone up due to inflation and the weakening of the American dollar due to recent failed economic policies. The price of oil relative to the price of the gold standard is the same as it's been for years and years. And really, we Americans shouldn't be complaining about gas prices. In England, the equivalent is 8 dollars per gallon...and it's similarly more expensive in other "first-world" nations.

I say this not from any political point of view, because I don't quite affiliate with either party, but more from a scientific perspective. Eliminating even a few species from drilling in say, Alaska, can have lasting repercussions throughout the food chain--causing some species to overpopulate into infestation without higher-level carnivores to regulate them, while other species will starve.

How do you define the greater good?

Look at Dubai, for example. So we claim the Middle East has so much oil and so much money, and the truth is, yes some people have a lot of money. But the oil is in fact running out. Type "Dubai" and "Architecture" into Google, and you will find out about the massive building projects going on over there. The reason this is happening is because Dubai is trying to switch to a tourism market because they will RUN OUT OF OIL in 2017. If America taps into its reserves too early, we'll face the same issue...then let's see how much the American economy will suffer.

And where do you think the funding comes from to look into research into alternative fuels? A lot of it comes from taxes, which allocate money into the National Science Foundation which, in turn, sends money to universities so that chemists, engineers, earth scientists, and so forth can develop new techniques to harness "clean" energy. But the rest of it (MOST, actually) comes from your favorite oil companies (BP, Chevron, ExxonMobil). They pour MILLIONS of dollar into alternative fuels research, because they have scientists working for at these companies who do realize that petroleum is a finite resource.

So...I dunno...climate change is a complicated issue. And I don't think it would hurt anyone to take an introductory environmental science course at a local university just so that one can read the literature themselves (in both global warming and cooling arguments, to be impartial). It just takes a basic freshman chemistry background to understand a lot of it.

But yeah...I don't mind shelling out more money for petroleum right now if it means that some of that money goes back into our economy, and the rest goes into taxes to help our country. And this is coming from someone who is pretty much broke already, shelling out 40,000 a year for a college education while refusing to take loans--one that has me working routinely 18 hours a day, starving myself, stressing me out to the point where I have chronic health problems...but I wouldn't take back a single penny. Because in the grand scheme of things, my life is insignificant, and it doesn't really matter whether I'm comfortable or not. What matters is that I make some contribution to society in the end which could keep modern human civilization alive for just a bit longer.

And heck, it's not just the Democrats. John McCain's environmental policy is about exactly the same as Barack Obama's or Hillary Clinton's...

Kearsmom said...

Okay...just read this...

You made me smile!

'nuff said.

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