March 5, 2008

Snow Bunny

Well, Spring Break is upon us! As I have mentioned in earlier posts, we (Kurt's side of the family) are going skiing in Steamboat Springs, Colorado for spring break. Tomorrow is the day where the joy of packing begins. I never like packing or unpacking. This is the thing in life where I procrastinate the most. I just simply can't get going. But I've got some WAY cute ski gear that I'm borrowing. I just know everyone will mistake me for Heidi Klum.

Today I went and saw my baby sister, Andrea, run the hurdles in a track meet. The only reason that I mention this is because I'm amazed by it. The fact that a female from the Anderson family is doing something a) athletic and b) that involves jumping OVER something in front of a crowd, is astounding to me. And she's really good! My mom and I went to the meet and were super impressed by her confidence. Andrea and I are a lot alike in personality, but she definitely got the tan, blonde, tall, athletic, and hurdle-jumping genes. I, basically, did not.

Tonight we watched Idol, as usual. I'm still rooting for Brooke White. I think she has a vocal style really similar to mine. She's not going to try and do Mariah Carey. She's got the acoustic, low-key thing going on. I like that. I'm still watching the guys. Several impressed me last night. Also, I'm about to fold clothes while watching the "Project Runway" finale! I am super excited, and I hope Jillian wins. On another reality note: I am IN LOVE with the show "Millionaire Matchmaker." It is fascinating to me! I will devote a post sometime just to that show. People who read my blog must think that all I do is watch reality TV and review movies. I promise I do a little more than that :)

Until tomorrow, friends!


marykelly said...

I had to comment about the shows you watch because I watch the same ones.
Idol- I also really like Brooke. Guy wise- I like the really young guy, the rocker who did Lionel Richie song and the guy with the dread locks. I would just love to brush the dread locks out though. The guy who acts a little feminine cracks me up!
Project Runway- I also loved Juliann and wanted her to win. Christian was good, but only certain people could pull off his line like Victoria Beckham. He's fierce!
Millionaire Matchmaker- Did you see the one where the guy proposed to the girl on their first date? Patti impresses me with SOME of her tips she gives the guys. I would like her to set me up!:)

Anonymous said...

Steamboat Springs is sooo fun!

Andrea said...

Sure Ashley sure!!!! We don't believe you!!!! ;) J/K I am so envious of those days of freedom though! ENJOY the fact that you CAN watch what you want when you want to without someone needing your attention on homework, sibling fights, or the neverending meals. Sometimes I ask Greg if we could just skip dinner! He never goes for that! ;) I love Brooke too...she is so cute!

Carrie and David said...

Have a blast skiing! I have never been able to pull off looking cute while skiing, so you will have to post pictures of your cute ski gear! :)

I'm all about Brooke too. I can't wait to see Amanda go home.

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