March 14, 2008

Updates on Life

Today has been pretty low-key. We slept late (still recovering from the vacation), and then went to Sam's. I think we can start avoiding WalMart altogether (yay!) by going to Sam's twice a month. Very exciting. We went to Target to get exciting things like a hot water kettle (Kurt somehow broke our other one). We plan on watching the movie "Sophie's Choice" tonight. Meryl Streep stars, and it's about her living with an Auschwitz survivor and her "mad lover," whatever that's supposed to mean. I'll give my review!

NurtiSystem update: Today I have had my breakfast entree, yogurt, light Lemonade, a dinner entree, salad, and NutriSystem pretzels. Since I slept late, I didn't do lunch, just a late breakfast. Tonight I will have a dessert entree. I don't have a scale here at the house...I plan on getting one soon so I can track my weight. I am learning to adjust to the portions and surprisingly, I'm feeling more full. I'm eating 5 times a day. I discovered "Salad Spritzers" to use on my salad....they're basically vinagairettes that you spray on the salad---way less fattening than creamy dressing. Little shortcuts like that are encouraging..I feel like I'm making a difference! It was huge for me today at Sams--I had to literally pause in front of the drink machine to keep myself from getting a regular Coke, which is my favorite. I got the lemonade instead. Coke is like my version of coffee. It's comforting, and I love the taste. I also think it gives me that little caffeine boost. But I was proud of myself for that one little decision!

This is random, but I was reading my friend Demetria's blog, and she mentioned the movie "The Notebook." It reminded me that the theme song from that movie is so beautiful...and that made me play the piano for awhile. I don't mention the piano a lot, but I do play. It's my version of therapy. When I'm upset or sad or just need to contemplate, I play. I've been playing since I was about 5. One day, when I was about 6 or 7, my mom was in the other room and heard me playing the theme from "Bambi," which has a lot of runs and complicated chords. She came in and said, "I didn't know we had the music to that song." And I said, "But Mom, I don't have the music." That's when she realized I could play by ear. Generally, I can hear something and then play it back. That's what made piano lessons complicated for me. I would watch and hear the teacher play the song, and then play it right back to her, which kept me from learning to read. I can read music now, but it's not the easiest thing for me, and I much prefer to play my own arrangement. I'm no concert pianiest, but I appreciate the fact that I can play easily. Just a little tidbit about me :)

Well I'm off to try and accomplish unpacking/straightening. I really hate that. I just feel like items accumulate in the house as I unpack. But I recently had an idea, and I'm excited: I think I'm going to store my winter clothes somewhere other than my closet. Under the bed, maybe? In a box in the attic? I just need breathing room, and in off-season, those clothes are just taking up space. So now I just need to get moving :) Happy weekend!

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Tommy, Suzanne, and Mary Peyton said...

yea for your nutrisystem start! not that you need it.....

i like hearing you play the piano - although i can only remember hearing you play once - at your poppy's request - and i think you said that's the night you met kurt!

i took lessons for about 9 years and can't play a thing now. my first teacher would play for me and let me play it back. but when she died of cancer and i started taking from the lady she wanted me to take from, she didn't understand that little quirk about me. so i quit - out of frustration. i mean - it's like a love language - you gotta speak to me in one i understand!!!

Anonymous said...

I recommend you watch August Rush, newer movie with Keri Russell about a boy who is a musical prodigy. Good music, great story.

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