April 26, 2008

A New Decorating Philosophy

Hi :o)

Well, the speaking engagement went well! I tried my best to engage the girls and keep their attention and be "cool" to listen to. However, I'm not sure my calling is to speak to children! Haha! This was good for me though, because it showed me several things:
-When I speak, I want to feel like I've really connected with those who are listening.
-I want to feel like I've really touched someone.

Obviously, with kids, they aren't going to act like they are interested or "touched," but as my mom said, maybe I planted a seed. You never know! :o) I am proud that I did it, though, and came up with something that I felt spanned their ages (and it was a wide spectrum of ages!!).

Today Kurt and I were lazy, which was such a good feeling! I went walking with Mom and Lis, and then got caught up on my Bible study. Kurt usually tries to work himself to the bone even on days off, but he sat and relaxed, and I was proud of him for that. We are going to see a movie tonight, and I am SO excited! It's like going on a date :o)

Okay, this is what I'm excited about: I made the plunge and ordered some art for our house! Granted, they're prints, not originals or even canvases, but I'm going to have them framed. This is a big step for me, because I have a HARD time making decorating decisions sometimes. Oddly, I'm kind of commitment-phobic at this point. Maybe it's because I learn towards so many different styles....but I digress.

This is what I ordered:
Parisian Afternoon II by Marysia Burr
Parisian Afternoon II

Parisian Afternoon I by Marysia Burr
Parisian Afternoon I

Parisian Afternoon IV by Marysia Burr
Parisian Afternoon IV

Parisian Afternoon III by Marysia Burr
Parisian Afternoon III

This is the "Parisian Afternoon" series by Marysia Burr. Aren't they beautiful? I'm going to hang them in a grouping. I'm so excited :o)

I also have my eye on these:
Gold Rush by Dawn Emerson
Gold Rush

"Gold Rush" by Dawn Emerson

Baroque Horse Series III: III by Heather Theurer
Baroque Horse Series III: III

"Baroque Horse Series III: III by Heather Theurer

White Knight by Albena Hristova
White Knight

"White Knight" by Albena Hristova

If I got any of these, I would have them mounted on canvas. I doubt I would want them in a frame. They have so much impact on their own! Aren't they gorgeous? I plan on picking one of them and giving it to my dad at some point. But don't tell :o) I'm proud of myself for just biting the bullet and buying what appeals to me. That's my new decorating philosophy: I'm going to buy what I like. I really think I have a good enough instinct to just buy what appeals to me, no matter what period, etc. it's from. Somehow, I think it will just work. Plus, I want our home to have that eclectic feel that combines the looks of...
-An apartment in Paris
-An estate in the European countryside
-A three-story, elegant flat in London
-A home in rural France
-A modern, 1950s suburban home
-A Tudor manor
-A Mediterranean villa
-A rustic lodge

See what I mean? Why pick one style when you can have so many? :o)


Tommy, Suzanne, and Mary Peyton said...

all of those prints are so pretty!!!!

you just made me want to go home and get a set of prints (black and white) that i bought in london. i never had them framed and gave them to my mom when i got back.

hmmmmm......wonder where they are now........

Christy said...

I am so like you when it comes to that!

That was why it was so hard to buy a house and now redecorate it. We are choosing paint colors, tile colors, ect... and OH MY GOODNESS I am so tired of it. But it is fun at the same time.

I LOVE the horse prints!! Those are so me mainly because I LOVE horses.

Carrie and David said...

I like your new decorating philosophy. With all of the looks you want to combine in your house, I have no doubt that you will always have the most uniquely beautiful home on the block!

Kearsmom said...

Well, I know one girl who very much enjoyed your talk!! She said it was good, and she was even able to repeat to me some of what you said. So even if you couldn't tell if you connected (I know what you mean...kids don't grow out of that zombie stage till oh, about 17) you did!

And I like the horse prints.

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