April 25, 2008

Watch out, Beth Moore.....

.....There's a NEW teacher in town. Well, not quite. But we'll get to that in a minute :o)

1. Today I got my hair cut...well, trimmed. I'm growing it out, but I love Morgan. He made it really cute and funky and didn't chop! What a guy...

2. We had an awesome evening at Ladies' Night Out at church. I've really made these nights a priority, because I get so much out of them. It's kind of like Sunday night church. After a lazy afternoon, it can be hard to make yourself go. And there are so many excuses not to. But you know what? Last Sunday night we heard a precious testimony from a member of our church, Bob, that moved me to tears. He had a stroke, among MANY other trials, and he still praises the Lord in the most pure and precious way. I thought to myself, "If I hadn't come tonight, I wouldn't have heard that incredible story." Just something to think about...

3. I am taking care of my baby sister tomorrow because she's not feeling too well. I spoil her...Mom is letting her stay home from school, but Punky asked to stay at MY house, on MY couch...I think she expects to be doted on :o)

4. Also tomorrow night, my mom and I were asked to speak at our church for the Mother-Daughter evening. Mom is talking to the women about "redeeming the moments" with their daughters, and I'm talking to the girls (grades 1-6) about respecting and loving their moms. I totally think Mom got the easier gig....I'm covering a LOT of ages! But I've come up with something that I think will work. Here are some of my points:

I'm using the acrostic "GLAM":
Attention and attitude to

~Every girl wants to be a "Glamour Girl." (Hannah Montana, movie stars, etc.)

~Every girl has a Spirit inside.
-What does your spirit look like?
-A true GLAM girl has a loving spirit.

~Every girl has a Mom.
-YOU can be an example to Mom! When you give kindness and respect, you get that in return, and you earn more trust.

~Every girl has an attitude.
-Are you a DIVA or a DARLING?
-Do you stomp off? Give ugly facial expressions? Text while Mom is talking to you or spending time with you?

~Attitude and Attention: When these are in order, it shows maturity, which is glamourous at ANY age!

~A DIVA thinks she knows it all. A DARLING listens to wise advice.
-Before you text or pout or gossip with friends, have a quiet time with Jesus and talk to someone you trust, like Mom.

~When you are a true GLAM girl, you are like Timothy in the Bible:

"Don't let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in life, in love, in faith and in purity."
1 Timothy 4:12

I'll open it up to the girls to talk freely, but I hope this covers the age gap to some degree. I'm excited and am praying that God uses me and my mom to minister tomorrow evening! :o)


Kristal said...

You really have a gift Ashley - your lesson for the girls sounds amazing. So in tune with what they are interested in at the moment. I'm sure you're gonna to wonderfully!

jeremy, adelle, & ella said...

ok love it!! the glam and the diva/darling is great!! that is so true! we could all use that still some days (o: can't wait to hear how it goes! will be praying tomorrow night.

Tommy, Suzanne, and Mary Peyton said...

how awesome! i will be there too - getting to see you 2 nights in a row! i'm going to be taking pictures, though....maybe i can learn something from you and your mom!

winstead family said...

you not only can teach little ones, but i just totally walk away with some good advice...as a grown up! thanks ash!

Junebug said...

Yay! Sounds good! My little sweetheart will be there to hear your words of wisdom.

Tommy, Suzanne, and Mary Peyton said...

i will send you a picture of you and your mom when i get them downloaded. i heard from little ones that you did a great job!!!!

Katrice said...

Ok want to hear all about last night!

R Harmon said...

This is so creative! I love the GLAM acrostic!! Why didn't you major in education? At least their department is more organized. Lol! Can't wait until Wednesday!

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