April 28, 2008

What Takes YOU Back?

Hello everyone,
I'm at work having a busy day. I am thankful, though. I really don't dread going to/being at work. That's huge for me! I'm such a homebody, and I usually just hate working, simply because I'm not at home. However, I truly feel blessed to have a job where I have male bosses (no female drama), and I'm able to stay off my feet (retail KILLED my legs and feet from standing so much). Oh, sidenote: Just had someone hang up on me. HANG UP ON ME. Because she was mad! I'm sorry, folks. There's no need to hang up anyone. Ever. Well, maybe there is...but not on ME! Anyway, all that to say, I'm just trying to be thankful for a job that I don't hate (hang-uppers and all). :o)

Today I had lunch with my sweet husband and my sweet daddy. Two of my very favorite people! Kurt helped me afterward by going to the grocery store with me. Every now and then I have to go and buy things for the office, which can be difficult to maneuver by myself. So it was nice to have his help! I ordered tickets for me, Kurt, and Dad to go see "Movin' Out," the Billy Joel musical. I saw it in London and really enjoyed it. It's different; there's a band that plays his songs but there's no speaking dialogue...it's all singing and dance. I asked Mom to go but she was hesitant about her schedule and I just flat-out said, "Mom, this isn't Oklahoma or Cinderella....not sure it will be your type of thing!" So she said DAd could go with us :o) So I'm excited about next Monday!

I was sitting at home the other day and decided to put on the musical "The Happiest Millionaire." It's one of those movies that when I put it on and the overture starts, a warm, nostalgic memory just floods over me. It sounds so weird, but I am this way about so many things! That sentimental feeling that you get....know what I mean? A song, smell, or movie can just trigger so many things in me. Here are some of mine:

-Ginger cookies remind me of my Nana's house when I was little.
-"Anais Anais" perfume also reminds me of Nana.
-"Maki" perfume: Mom
-"Polo" cologne: Daddy
-"Charlie White" body spray: my junior-high years. Yes, I found this at Walgreens recently and FREAKED out! I asked the girl to let me smell it. I think I just might buy some.

-Anything by Steven Curtis Chapman, Phillips, Craig & Dean, or 4Him: driving around Cape Girardeau and going to Six Flags St. Louis
-"If The Lord...", a Promise Keepers song: water skiing on Lake Wappapello
-Anything Johnny Mathis/Nat King Cole/Sammy Davis, Jr./Andy Williams: driving around Fayetteville, Arkansas with my Poppy
-"A White Sport Coat" by Marty Robbins: when Punky was little. She used to sing this as an adorable little 3 year old!
-"Welcome to the Jungle": high school, because I marched out to this song while on the Accent dance team.
-"King of the Jungle," by Steven Curtis Chapman: AWANAS in Cape. We'd listen to it before opening rally every week!
-"Give Thanks": We sang this before the offeratory EVERY SUNDAY at Lynwood.
-"Seekers of Your Heart": I associate this with Jackson when we first came. Don't really know why...maybe I heard it sung in church early on?
-"Once Upon a Dream": My childhood in one song.
-"A Summer Place": I used to sing this to myself on the playground in elementary. Yes, it's from the 1950s. Yes, I was an odd child by some standards. :o)
-"Everything," by Michael Buble: Being newlyweds!

-"Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris": Broken Arrow, Oklahoma
-"OKLAHOMA!": BA, Oklahoma again. I used to watch it every Sunday night after church with nachos.
-"The Gnome Mobile": When I was sick in Broken Arrow, mom would rent this for me and we would drink Cherry 7-UP.
-"The Light": First Baptist Orlando's drama of the life of Jesus. This was our former church, and I would watch it over and over. This was what made me realize that Jesus died innocently, and I remember sobbing to my mom that "he did NOTHING wrong!!"
-"White Christmas" and "Holiday Inn": watched every Christmas, without fail.
-"Star Wars": The one that came out around 1997; scene of my first "group" date.
-"Phantom of the Opera": Baylor. I saw it 4-5 times when it came out. Also, that was because I hated Baylor and had no life. :o)
-"Anne of the Thousand Days": Mrs. Downey's AP English class; this movie got me researching King Henry VIII.

There are so many more! I did this post mainly for myself, so I would always remember. I'm sure it's boring to readers, but that's why I wanted to ask you: What songs/smells/movies "take you back"? I'm tagging everyone that reads to do a post like this. It's interesting to me! And I never ask you to do ANYTHING. so hop to it :o)


Kearsmom said...

No time for "memories" right now...but 2 comments and a question:

1. I know what you mean about being a homebody. I am too.

2. I also know what you mean about working for men. That's all I'll say about that.

3. How much are those tickets? Is it only on Monday? Would it be appropriate for Banana?

Ashley said...

I got my tickets for 36.50. They aren't wonderful seats, but they're in the center section on the ground floor, which is fine by me. I got my tickets on ticketmaster.com. I think it would be appropriate. I can't think of anything questionable. The only thing is, it's modern dance and just a band singing and playing, so if she doesn't get bored easily, I think she'd like it. Especially with her being a dancer (like me!), she'll probably appreciate it.

Ashley said...

Oh, it's on Monday and Tuesday, May 5&6.

Tommy, Suzanne, and Mary Peyton said...

i've got so many things.........i'll try to write them down and get them on my blog at some point.

i had forgotten that you were an accent - but tommy hadn't! he said, "i think she may have been captain or something". he LOVED his accents when he was at JA.

also - he had mrs. downey for english. i think the same people stay in the private school system forever.

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