April 23, 2008

Where to Serve?

Hi friends!
I haven't posted in awhile because, well...it's been pretty uneventful! I worked Monday and Tuesday, and today had lunch with Roseann, cleaned out the office in our house, and went to choir. It sounds like I've accomplished so little...haha!

A lot has been on my mind lately on where my ministry is. I feel drawn to music, speaking, women's ministry, and children. Obviously, I'm not doing all at one time! But I feel like I'm in a gray area right now. And Satan always has a way of making you doubt your talents/gifts. Know what I mean? For instance, I have always loved music and felt like it's my "thing," but for some reason it's just not feeling right for me at this moment. I caught myself thinking recently, 'Am I not really that talented? Do I think I'm better than I really am?' It hurts your pride, people!

As for speaking, lately I've just been feeling like maybe that's a strength I didn't know I had....whether it be in a teaching forum, or just sharing life experience. However, Satan tries to tell me that I don't have much to say. I'm only 22 (almost 23), and I don't even have "funny kid stories" to tell. But for some reason, this has been in the back of my head for awhile. Also, Kurt reminded me that Paul encouraged Timothy that even though he was young, he still had something to say.

I have recently come to love women's ministry. I guess because I've gotten married, more applies. Meaning, the talks/seminars/nights out talk a lot about marriage, and that is where I am in life now. My heart has really grown for this ministry, especially the ladies' nights that we occasionally have. They're just fun and I always get so much out of them! So that's another thing I'm thinking about...

Children :o) I just love, love children. I taught two-year-old Lifegroup for awhile with my mom and just loved it. Their innocence is so precious. But more importantly, we had many guests bring their kids to Lifegroup, and when they would pick them up and see their child happy, it made them come back. People WILL come back to a church where their child was happy (usually). So it was such a cool thing to help facilitate growth.

See what I mean? There are just several areas where my heart is starting to grow. I need to sit down and just search the Lord, but it's so hard in busy, everyday life! That's no excuse, but haven't we all been there? It's hard to just MAKE THE TIME to sit and focus on what God has to say to us. So please pray for me that I'll find where God most wants me to serve :o)

Thanks for being sweet friends!


Tommy, Suzanne, and Mary Peyton said...

i will pray for you!!!

Katrice said...

This just makes me think...Bloom Where You Are Planted! Wonder why? ha! See you tonight!

Carrie and David said...

I would love to get together and show you pics/fabric! :)

jeremy, adelle, & ella said...

i so know what you mean! it is so hard to know where you can serve best and sometimes it's hard to make ourselves take the time to seek God and find where He wants us. and satan certainly wants us to doubt our abilities! and then with all the busyness that goes on in our life it makes it even harder!

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