May 27, 2008

Adventures in the Morning and Adventures in Architecture

Well, this morning got off to an interesting start. I woke up on time and enjoyed watching Jon and Kate Plus 8 as I put on my makeup. I'm serious, it makes the biggest difference for me when I'm able to sit and leisurely put on my makeup. Rushing makes my stomach hurt.

So I took my wonderful, newfound route to work and got there at 7:50. And when I get to the office, both doors are locked. Can't get in. Well, this has happened before. I don't have a key that works....we're in the process of getting me one. But usually Dr. C is here early. Guess who's on vacation? Dr. C. And Dr. B is always late. So I figured....well, I'll wait until he gets here late for his 8 o'clock.

So I'm sitting in the silent hallway staring at the elevator for 30 minutes. And then I realize....he doesn't have an 8 o'clock. I got here an hour early. So, I decided to go to McDonald's. They were very cheerful to me, and Kimberly was so nice when handing me my change. Sidenote: I have a challenge for you. The next time you're in a restaurant or place of service, call the person helping you by their name. They usually wear nametags. My grandfather taught me this. People respond warmly when they are called by name. It makes them feel human. I tried it today, and Kimberly smiled and was visibly happy. Just try it :o)

Anyway, after I got my chicken biscuit, hashbrowns and Coke (I figured a chicken biscuit was less fattening than a sausage biscuit?), I drove through our historic district of homes, the Fondren/Belhaven area. I'm telling you....I love these homes. I drive by whenever I get the chance. Sadly, it varies by street which homes are taken care of and which are falling apart, but I look at them all the same way.

This used to be the classic area of homes, where families raised their children. I always picture what these homes used to look like in their prime. All were built from 1920-1950, and they are filled with Tudor details, bungalow columns, unique details and pretty porches.

These aren't the best of the best, but they are the ones listed on the local real estate listings. Before we move from Jackson, I'm going to take pictures of certain houses. They should just be.....remembered.

I found this mid-century gem for sale here in Jackson....can you imagine the possibilities??

To me....that's just so cool.

This one was built in 1929 and has fabulous Tudor archways inside. To me, it would be like getting my own English cottage. Just look!

See?! Wouldn't you just love to spend time here!?

Bear with's one more.

These homes are not in England, or some ritzy area of the country. They are in Jackson! I could go on forever. I won't, because not everyone is an architecture person, and I know I get way excited about things. But I just wish everyone looked at older homes as treasures. Families lived in these homes. Lives happened in these places. In my dream world, I would move into an old home and discover treasures in the attic or basement. This is why I'm so torn about building a new home or just finding a treasure and giving it new life. We'll see. I encourage you to treasure your home!


mrs.leah.maria said...

I absolutely love and I agree with your statement that those homes should be remembered. I'm the same way. That Tudor is amazing.

demetria said...


one of my favorites posts you've done!! we could talk forever about this. . . i can just tell. i love the third pic from the top with the craftsman details! and the tudor is really stunning, too. i am FASCINATED by older homes ususally those genteel southern beauties. . . would love to have one but usually they are in small downtown areas of small towns that have fallen into bad shape or bad/not-quite-safe areas.

Andrea said...


I totally see you moving into some big old house and completely transforming it. You are too talented to build the standard cookie cutter house. You are the type of person that would breathe life and personality into an older house. I can't wait to see it! :)

Tiffany said...

I love finding unexpected treasures. This is a beautiful post. Have you ever been to Natchez to see the older homes there? I would love to go some day during the fall when they have "pilgrimage." I love old southern homes. Our family home was the third oldest house in Indianola. It had 11 foot ceilings, hard wood floors, and large metal radiators in each room, porcelain bathtubs and sinks with mirrors above them that extended to the ceiling. One of the most unique aspects of the house was the glass kitchen cabinets that opened on both sides-(in the kitchen and the breakfast area.) Underneath, between the cabinets and the counter was a sliding glass panel. This was so that the cook never had to leave the kitchen. She would simply pass the plates thru to be served. I miss the bookshelves and windows that took up entire walls. It was beautiful. I still miss it. Oh, how did Tupelo go? Are ya‘ll seriously considering it? Are ya‘ll also thinking about Cape G? I know Kurt really liked it there, even before ya’ll met. Wouldn’t that be something, if you ended up close to your family, when Kurt’s residency is over?

Tommy, Suzanne, and Mary Peyton said...

love the pictures of the homes!

and i try to call people by their first names, also. i was thinking that i heard that from your daddy, but maybe i heard it at some point from poppy.....don't know! but it always makes me feel good - because of the look on the person'a face when they realize someone cares enough to call them by name!!!

Christy said...

oooh, i love those too. We used to live in Fondren in a older house alot like the second one you posted. IN fact I had to look carefully and make sure it wasn't our house!!! The crime scared us off :(

Anne said...

I just found your blog on the Christian Women Online site. I myself am a newlywed too (well 2 years!) :) Its been fun to read through your blog!

alihsee said...

Hi There! Thought I would come visit after reading your interview on CWO. Congratulations on being married for nearly a year (in June)! Im in my 3rd year of marriage & can't believe how fast it has gone by!

I love the homes above! Prices are so expensive these days but its always nice to dream :)


KimmieG said...

Hi Ashley! I met you through Katrice at the Girlfirend Party in April. I lived in Jackson from 1985 to 2005 in Woodland Hills/Fondren area. The last two pics are two of my favorite homes in the entire neighborhood. And the white one that looks like the Father of the Bride house - Steve Martin version. I would walk every day in this neighborhood and past these homes enjoying their beauty. I love this area, but Washington DC called and we no longer live there. Enjoy them for me!!

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