May 20, 2008

And Here He Is!!!!!!

FINALLY, I was approved to adopt this beautiful baby boy!

His name is Tanner, and he's a Pekapoo from Louisiana. He's five months old, and will only get to be 10 pounds at the most. I have been searching every few days for new listings, and on Monday I came across this little guy. I immediately emailed the person, and within seconds she emailed me back an application. She had JUST posted his profile, and within the hour she received 7 emails about him! THANKFULLY, I was the first that had responded, and even though I live out of state, she let me email her pictures of our home and yard instead of a home visit. Tonight I had a scare because she had emailed me and said that she needed to check with his other shelter to make sure he would be okay by himself (without another dog or children to play with). I thought for a few minutes that I had lost him and about burst into tears. But she promptly emailed me back and felt that everything was okay, and that she knew it was only fair that I be able to have him since my application was in first. Whew!

I hope he knows that I went through a LOT to get him (and I was rejected by many snobby pet people in the process). Also, I hope he doesn't get a big head because he's big man on campus----everybody wanted him! I am so excited, and I hope it doesn't jinx anything that I blogged about it before he's officially home. But I have it in writing that I am to be Tanner's mommy.

I almost have my new baby!!!!


Tommy, Suzanne, and Mary Peyton said...

yea!!!!!!!!!!!! you're going to be a great mommy!


Beloved MaMa said...

What a fun blog you have :o) I saw you on CWO!!! I loved your interview :o)

Andrea said...

He is a cutie!!! Awww...we have so much in common now. :) You will be a great pet mommy! When are you getting him?

winstead family said...

you are the cutest thing ever!! and a baby he will be! i know you will take GREAT care of him! xoxo

Carrie and David said...

How exciting! He's precious!! I want to meet him sometime! :)

demetria said...

how GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!! you are going to SO spoild him rotten, girl. seriously!

how do you get him here? do you have to go pick him up? does your yard have to be completely fenced to get him??

Katrice said...

You are too I read this! Congratulations... he really is adorable! Where in LA?

Christy said...

He is so cute!!!

I can't BELIEVE how people are-animal shelters are SO picky about who they let adopt. I mean, I know it is for the animal and everything but it is a little much!!

Kearsmom said...

What a cutie!!!

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