May 15, 2008

And So the Weekend Begins...

This weekend is BIG! First and foremost, my sister Lissie is graduating! I feel old. We are so proud of her :) Both sets of grandparents are in town. My dad's youngest sister Hazel and her family live here, and our cousin Nissi is graduating with Lis. So we have a big family affair going on. Much love to Sister!

Also, our good friends Erin and Drew are getting married! I am in the wedding, which is always a lot of fun. It will be great to see them finally tie the knot :o)

Just to fill everyone in...we gave Lissie a car for graduation! We totally shocked her---here are some of the pictures!

While I'm at it, I'll just add some other recent pictures. Will Bill, my little brother, was honored at 9th grade awards day with the Herschel Brickell Family Award, which was the highest honor given that day. About the award:

"The award is established to provide for a deserving, rising tenth grade student who possesses the personal qualities exemplified or admired by Herschel Brickell including good character, integrity, self discipline, individual initiative and independence, a quest for knowledge, a desire to achieve; (b) demonstrates an appreciation for the values and goals as defined by the founding fathers of our nation and our state; (c) projects a pronounced interest in the studies of the truths of history and in the science of government."

We all had tears in our eyes as Will accepted the award. They were tears of joy and pride, but also sadness, because he will not be attending JA next year. But what a way to leave!

In closing, since most of this post has been about Lis and Will Bill (I'll get to you soon, Punky!), I thought it appropriate to put these up. This is when the student praise band/team led in church. I mean, how awesome are my siblings? :o)


Christy said...

I wish I could have heard them!!!

I miss CHBC :(

Kearsmom said...

Yea for Alyssa and Will!!!

Also, can you email me those pictures from the praise team???

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