May 24, 2008

LIVE from Ripley, Mississippi....

Tagged by Anne Elisabeth...

Maybe I should -Get serious about working out/eating better.

I love the smell of - Cascade(I try to get high off of it), Christmastime, Maki perfume(Mom), Polo(Dad), Kurt in general :o)

People would say that I--I'm a passionate person.

I don’t understand why -People can be so complicated sometimes.

When I wake up in the morning -On Mondays/Tuesdays: Kurt always kisses me goodbye before he leaves for work. I set my alarm for 6:30 and hit snooze until around 6:45ish. Then I get up and straighten my hair (I shower the night before). Then I sit on my bed and put on my makeup while watching Saved by the Bell (my new-found show in the early morning). I grab a Fiber One bar, and head out the door at 7:25. Every other day, Kurt still says goodbye to me, but I wake up whenever :o)

I lost my willpower to -Try to constantly be a people-pleaser (although I still struggle with it at times), and to severely diet. Life is too short, and I love food too much.

Life is-Wonderful. I have a family who is incredible, a husband who is perfect for me, and a future that is really exciting.

My past made me-What I am today. And I'm definitely glad that God is a forgiving God.

I get annoyed when-I have to wake up early, people are rude to me, I am not having a good hair or general body day, I hear/see inappropriate humor, news reporting is one-sided, and when Oprah does her ridiculous "New Earth" seminars and plugs it at really random times in her show.

Parties are not a good time to -Cause drama, crave attention, or throw yourself at someone. Thankfully, I don't think I've ever done any of these.

Dogs are-A good step before having children. And we are getting one in the very near future! Oh, and they are loveable...I grew up with Muffy Sue and love her dearly.

Cats are-Indepedently snobby but fun to have. I love Alex, Gracie, Macey, and Ginger at my parents' house. I am hoping that Macey found a good home, even though she doesn't live with them anymore. And Doris love with Kurt.

Tomorrow is-"Always fresh, with no mistakes in it." I love Anne of Green Gables/Anne of Avonlea!!!

I have low tolerance for -People with no convictions, people with lukewarm convictions, and people who choose to be neutral about everything. Also, spoiled children.

I’m totally terrified of-Losing a family member, not being able to have children, God forbid.

I wonder why I thought my life would be-without temptations. Growing up, for some reason I thought I would be immune. Not so!

I always knew I would -Marry somebody like my sweet daddy :) And, I did - same morals, thoughts, spiritual life, maturity, etc. Amazing how God works. [This is Anne Elisabeth's answer and it's mine too---word for word!]

Never in my life have I -Been tempted with smoking or alcohol. They terrify me, and what they do to people terrifies me.

High school was-When I got dating out of my system. And when I realized the value of wonderful teachers.

When I’m nervous-I break out in a blotchy rash on my chest and start shaking. It's not good.

One time at a family gathering-No crazy stories....I have great memories from Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc.

Take my advice-God has the perfect person for you, and only living in Christ will bring fulfillment.

Making my bed-Is something I do when I think about it, or when company is coming.

I'm almost always-Planning a vacation in my head, or thinking of ways to give back to our parents for all they've done.

I’m addicted to-Internet time, anything Christmas oriented, the Disney empire, and snacking.

I want someone to-validate my feelings, and take me traveling. :o)

Anyone. No one ever does surveys when I tag them, so my expectations are low! :o)

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theponds said...

Stumbled upon your blog today...The Carpenters "On Top of the World" was playing and I love, love, love The Carpenters!!

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