May 19, 2008

Thoughts on a Monday

-I'm at work. Have been since 8:00. But here's the good part: I have a new morning routine! Well, on the days I work, at least. I woke up this morning at 6:45 and turned on the TV in our bedroom. I don't know why I haven't utilized this feature of our bedroom before. It's awesome! I put on my makeup in bed while watching old-school Saved By the Bell. It made the biggest difference. What a great change of routine.

-And this is also exciting---I discovered a new route to get to work that ENTIRELY avoids the interstate! Do you understand what this means? No more begging people to let me into a lane, watching cars nearly get totaled, and clutching the wheel for dear life. I now drive all the way down State Street, which does include a tour of the 'hood, but I am all about experiencing a different culture---you know me! :o) It really does make for a better experience. I discovered the route last week when I heard on the radio that the interstate was backed up for miles due to a wreck. So I improvised and came up with this. But I was afraid to try it again, for fear that it was too good to be true. Not so, my friends. Not so :o)

-The wedding festivities went well this weekend. Erin and Drew are married and are now living it up at the Royal Plantation in Jamaica. Cool, mon!

-My sister also graduated successfully. Kurt and I stood in the back to watch her walk, and then ran right back out to make it to the rehearsal dinner on time. I gave a toast to Erin and Drew, which I normally don't do, but I was proud of myself and got some nice feedback from people. Always good to hone your public speaking skills :o)

-Yesterday (Sunday) I went to church solo---my husband was hung over again. Just kidding! He was on call. Dad concluded his series on James and it was fantastic. And I'm NOT biased :o) In Lifegroup, our teacher said the most encouraging, supportive things about our family as we go through this. It was so sweet. It was a confirmation that we should stay at CHBC...mainly because of the support group.

-Sunday night I relived my childhood. I watched this:

Okay, maybe I'm overly sensitive and emotional. But I'm definitely older, and watching this movie again as an adult (that sounds weird), made me see it in a fresh new way. If you want to see a precious relationship between a father and daughter, watch this movie. I cried, people! I just didn't remember it being that touching. And on a sidenote, Shirley Temple is the cutest thing ever. When I was little, I watched all of her movies. After seeing "Little Princess" this weekend, I am vowing to watch all of her movies again. If "Little Princess" was this good in round two, then I'm in for a treat! It's amazing how you see things differently than you did as a child.

I also watched this:

I must say, it was really odd to see Lindsay Lohan in her pre-drug, alcohol, and hussy days. It proves we all start out as children. She just....didn't stay one....

I totally prefer this version:

Hayley Mills' comedic timing? Check.
Hilarious Brian Keith and awesome Maureen O'Hara? Check.
Ridiculously-cool mid-century ranch house? CHECK!!!!

I started watching this movie when I was little, mainly because I just loved the movie itself. But then around the time I was 13 or 14, I started to notice the interiors of movie sets. Amazing! And this is the most awesome ranch house ever. My dad and I once plotted out the floorplan....just from piecing together shots from the movie. Pretty awesome.

Yes, I even tried to find pictures of my favorite movie sets to post...but alas. They are hard to find! :o) I'll keep trying. Everyone have a wonderful day. I'm off to have a fetching lunch with my darling husband!


Andrea said...


You are cracking me up. How was the fetching lunch?? ;) I love 'Little Princess' and of course own all of the Parent Trap movies. Haley Mills is a favorite of mine.....also love Sandra Dee! :)

Jeffry and Morgan said...

I love "Little Princess"! That was one of my favorite movies when I was younger. I watched it at my grandparents house all the time!

Heather said...

I like almost all of Shirley Temple's movies.

And I would have to agree with you that the older Parent Trap is WAY better... I always wanted a ranch house like that one.

Tommy, Suzanne, and Mary Peyton said...

i LOVE LOVE LOVE the hayley mills' version of the parent trap - isn't that the only REAL one? i don't even want to see the one with lindsay lohan - she makes me sick.

maybe we need to have a slumber party and watch movies one night when dr kurt is on call???

Carrie and David said...

Well, I must give credit where credit is due. David took all of the fabric pictures. He's an engineer though, so he's very precise. That makes him a good fabric layer outer :)

I really want to get together soon! I have LOTS of free time these days. I'm not babysitting anymore. But I'm sure you're busy, so whenever you have some free time we need to go to lunch or something. It's been way too long and we need to catch up! ;)

jeremy, adelle, & ella said...

the hayley mills' version is the best!!! we watched it over and over growing up!!!

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