June 26, 2008

And So It Begins...

I have been sick. All day.

Thankfully I've just FELT nauseous, not actually gotten "sick," but I'm miserable. My mom came over, gave me soup, and straightened part of the house because I was so distraught over it being cluttered. I have the best mom in the entire world :o)

I watched "You've Got Mail" for the millionth time. It seriously never gets old. Also watched some Jon and Kate. Never gets old.

I got an adorable teddy bear from Kurt's brother Kelly and his wife Jennifer. SO exciting!!!

I am sad that one of my favorite shows "Farmer Wants a Wife" ended last night. I've got to find a new fix...

We're having chicken and dumplings tonight, but I don't have to cook. Thank the LORD.

Well I'm back to the couch....it's hitting again :o(

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Kristal said...

Oh no! I was hoping you'd be one of the lucky ones who didn't get morning sickness...

Mrs. Langhans said...

I am so sorry you are not feeling well. Try drinking some ginger ale. For some reason drinking ginger ale and eating peppermints helped me with my nausea. I will be praying for you! Good news is..it does get better!

Kearsmom said...

With Kat I ate PB&J for 3 straight months. Only PB&J. Poor Kearsdad ate cold cereal when he was home...I couldn't stand to smell anything.

Poor Ash...but like I said, feeling sick is good. It means hormones are working right!

Andrea said...

Awww girlie.....I remember that feeling!!! My advice....just find whatever works and stick with it. For me it was coke/sprite and saltines. My dr had told me that in the first 3 months you just take your prenatals and get through that time. Whatever works...kwim? I hope it gets better. Take heart and know that it is just your body adjusting to being pregnant...good sign! HUGS to you...thank God for moms!!!

Christy said...

I am sorry!!! I was so, so sick with both kids. BUT with the two babies I lost I was never sick-midwives and obs say the worse you feel, generally it means the baby is very healthy!!
So, this is awful, but I am glad for you at the same time-you know what I mean!

Nibbling on Saltines helped somewhat-bagle chips were even better. Don't let your stomach get empty, that will make it much worse! I tried chewing gum and peppermints and surprisingly they worked! Kool Aid was also helpful-the carbonation from Sprite and Ginger Ale made me sicker.

This will pass in a few weeks and once the second trimester hits you will feel SO much better. This is the roughest part of pregnancy, but it passes quickly!

Rene said...

I remember that feeling all too well. I never got "sick" but I was nauseous---alot! Definitely try the ginger ale, if you could go to the health food store or the organic section at Kroger that would be better---they do have ginger ale or ginger drinks that are alot healthier for you and the baby. You can also try ginger chews. I use these even now since I have such a crazy stomach! Hope today is a better day, if not just hang in there and don't worry about things not getting done around the house, just relax and take care of the 2 of you--- :)
Talk to you later,

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