June 27, 2008

I Am Alive....

In case anyone was wondering!

I was feeling sick all the way up until I went to bed last night. Not good. But I woke up this morning and immediately got on the couch and ate saltines. I have discovered that I cannot sit in a rocking chair right now----and for anyone who knows me, that is WAY weird! My mom said that it must be bad if I'm not rocking.

I think at this point, I would consider myself stable but not my normal self. I'm about to have lunch with my friend Suzanne, and I believe soup will be the right thing. For a food lover like me, this is strange.

Kurt's birthday is Monday, and so I need to go hunting for his gift. I know what I'm getting, but it might be a challenge logistically. In case he's reading this (which he probably isn't) I won't explain :o) My goal is to get through the day without being sick. I feel well enough to get up and go so that's a huge thing. It's strange that I was just sick yesterday so badly. Maybe this will be a come and go thing? I'm not returning to work until July 7 (as I had planned with the Israel trip) because I need to make sure sickness isn't a major issue. I'm so thankful for their flexibility! It's amazing though how "boxed in" I feel schedule-wise, even working 2 days a week. I've determined that I will stop working in October, before our Disney trip (!!!) and to give me time to enjoy the last months of pregnancy. Keep praying for me and BeeBee!

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winstead family said...

you are too cute!! i will be praying for you.

Kearsmom said...

LOL at the rocking chair! Maybe it's sympathy "pains" for your dad! haha...I'm glad you're feeling better today...hope it stays that way!

Momotot said...

Ashley--I know exactly how you feel! I got sicker with each of my babies and ended up with a PICC line in my arm and IVs every other day with Lydia. It is THE worst feeling ever but I promise it WILL get better. I have lots of tips and ideas that helped me survive so if it continues just email me and I'll fill you in. We're thrilled for you guys! This little beebee is already so blessed!
Lori Strickland

Bethany said...

HI! You obviously don't know me but I found you from Once Upon a Blog (she designed mine too!!) and I just wanted to say that your blog is super cute!! It is so light and airy and just has a really nice feel to it!

Congrats on the baby! Hope you are able to kick the sickness feeling!!

alihsee said...

Hey, congratulations on your news - exciting times. I have visited here a few times via CWO & I love the new look! :) Happy Blogging!

jeremy, adelle, & ella said...

sorry you're feeling yucky! i felt nauseous all day every day until 14 weeks but i never not once threw up. it was weird. i ate a ton of saltines. i had to just remind myself that the feeling bad just meant that the pregancy was going the way it should be (o:

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